Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ekeroth, Clausen and Ungureanu

As you can see the sidebar of my blog I'm supporting Kent Ekeroth in the EU election here in Sweden. He's the clearest voice among the Sweden Democrats against the Islamization of Europe. Vote for him! Or at least make sure to vote for the Sweden Democrats. And vote! Many people opposing the EU say they won't vote. To me that is crazy. Given the low turnout in the elections, this is a great chance to make a difference. If we get one of our men in, they'll get loads of resources for a good cause. They will get a budget to employ 4-5 people working full time in research and lobbying for the most important cause in our time. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

In Denmark you should of course vote for the Danish People's Party (and vote!!!), and "my" candidate in Denmark is Henrik Ræder Clausen, one of the guys behind and a frequent commenter over at Gates of Vienna. Here is his presentation of his candidacy. An obvious choice.

Both Henrik and Kent have a tough race, and for them to enter it will require their respective parties to get two MEPs into the EU parliament, and for people like you checking them in the ballot as your preference vote (they are number 8 and 6 respectively on their parties' lists). Do it!

Someone who is much more likely to be elected, however, is Traian Ungureanu in Romania. And he's as good on Islam and Islamization as Kent and Henrik. He recently started his blog, where he's got Gates of Vienna and Brussels Journal in his blogroll. Traian is a journalist and is a candidate for the Democratic Liberal Party (EPP), the party of the Romanian president (Traian Basescu). Does that make him sound like an establishment figure to you? Forget about it!

The political landscape in Romania is something quite different. All parties from the left to the right, are controlled by the oligarchy, i.e. the former Securitate officers, except the party of Basescu. And of course they control the media too (not so different from the West if you think about it). The president Traian Basescu has been like a lonely Churchill against all the other traitorous Chamberlians and Halifaxes. When he opened the Securitate archives. When Romania officially condemned Communism (the only country which did so far, all thanks to president Basescu). And many times Traian Ungureanu has been the only journalist defending the president. Of course the Securitate controlled media has tried to crush president Basescu (yes including an impeachment of course), and Ungureanu is seen as a big threat too, and has therefore ended up as a real loner. It even got to the point where the Romainan media implied that "the Traians" were so tight that they must be in a homosexual relationship. Based on them having the same first name, and given how childish the media always is... And given that they are the two really truly brave men in Romania.

But yes, president Basescu, and his party, has got a lot of support by the people. Unlike in the West they are not as mesmerized by the establishment's PC/Securitate ploys (although this is deteriorating at a very fast rate in Romainia too, mainly thanks to George Soros).

Here is what I wrote about the political situation in Romania over at Gates of Vienna back in 2007:

I'm very glad to see so many Romanians here (I count to four). I hope you stay around so that you can help me telling the story of Traian Basescu. I see it as a gospel.

Cobra, So President Basescu is not blemish free? Such an utterly redundant thing to say. What are you looking for: an angel, a god? Traian Basescu is more flawless than Winston Churchill and that is good enough for me.

There are several good lessons to learn from President Basescu about good leadership. Knowledge that used to be known in the West but that is now all lost, but that can be found today in Romania. The moral lesson is: i) that good leadership is possible in these times, ii) how it is done, and iii) that the PC elites in Western Europe acts exactly in the same way as the ruling oligarchy of former Securitate officers in Romania. I haven't found any major differences in their modus operandi so far.

Traian Basescu stands up against this oligarchy of former Securitate officers, the billionaires, as one single man. The oligarchy controls all other political parties except for Besescu's party, and virtually all journalists except for Traian Ungureanu. All the other parties together with the journalists are at war against President Basescu. But he is a tough guy with strong will power. This is a very good and morally educating story to tell to the whole world. It illustrates better than anything else what politics is all about and shows what is possible. It's a story of hope for the hopeless.

Winston Churchill was just as alone in May 1940 as Traian Basescu is today in Romania. The image of the audience applauding the Blood, Sweat and Tears speech in the parliament is a lie. It was received very coldly. Everyone else of importance wanted to sign a peace treaty with Hitler. Churchill was alone in pushing for what he believed in. This is real leadership. The single man showing the right way.

I hope one day soon that the Romanians will drop their idiotic inferiority complex and tell the world this very important story that needs to heard. It needs to be told by someone else than a Swede. So far when I requested this from Romanians I get to hear the lament of how very unimportant your country is and how nobody wants to hear about it, yada yada. I have to tell you that I'm sick of hearing that, and that it's utter BS. Tell the world about what's happening in your country! I cannot think of any more important country to know about for the best educational experience about politics and leadership.
My prediction is that Traian Ungureanu will enter the EU parliament. And that when this happens a lot of Romanians (those in their right minds) will actually start taking pride in their country and think that they are important, and think it will be important to tell the world the story about their brave Traians and their amazing achivements. And they will be able to do that so much better than me.


Aeneas said...

A great article CS, it is imperative that we get people eleceted into the EU Parliament who understand the issues surrounding Islamisation and who will not surrender to those who demand we bow down to this process.

Conservative Swede said...

Yes Aeneas, and all that money!

Conservative Swede said...

Sooner or later there will come a petimeter here -- who looks at the words instead of the essence -- and complain about the following sentence of mine:

Of course the Securitate controlled media has tried to crush president Basescu (yes including an impeachment of course),

And claim: 1) the media is not Securitate controlled, and 2) the sentence makes it look as if the impeachment comes from the media.

I didn't change this sentence for the following reason:

* It's like an octupus. And the arm creating deceptive propaganda in media, and the arm calling for impeachment, are just two different arms from the very same body.

* And that body hasn't changed since the days of Securitate. It has only changed its garb. Don't fall for that!

That sentence catches the essence of it perfectly. I'll get back to the essence of the concepts occupation and nationalism in future posts.

Always look for the essence. The big picture is important, the details are not. Don't get lost in words. Nevertheless, I'm always looking for better words, in order to convey the essence better.

Unknown said...

A great post is based on good ideas and that is the case right here.

50 said...

I wish Mr. Basescu all the best! Europe is indeed reliving the past, this time with a fascism imported from abroad, but just as barbaric!

Conservative Swede said...

Thanks both Fracesco and Zardoz for your comments.

And best wishes to Ungureanu tomorrow too, of course!

50 said...

Assuming Traian Ungureanu wins a seat in the EU Parliament, do you see any chance of him working with politicians from other nations that are fed up with islam and multiculturalism? Geert Wilders, for example? Perhaps forming a transnational voting block?

Conservative Swede said...


As mentioned, Ungureanu belongs to an EPP party. Therefore there won't be any formal alliance with Wilders party, which I imagine will join the same group as the Danish People's Party. The main purpose of joining a group is to get more money. Even the main purpose of becoming an MEP is to get a lot of money, a lot of resources at hand to being able to promote ones beloved cause.

Secondly, the right type of people, having a strong character, can have a high profile when giving speeches in the EU parliament. Look e.g. at all the Youtube clips of Nigel Farage. Traian U. is surely such a strong personality too. And it's good with a good voice on Islam coming from another block then the one of Wilder's party and DPP.

Voting blocks are unable to do any difference at this point, however.

Finally, a clarification. I wrote in the article that Traian U. is not an establishment figure. And yes, it's true that is considered far to un-PC, his opinions are disliked by the elites, and he's definitely not welcome in the in-crowd. But on the other hand he's considered on of the greatest writers/intellectuals in Romania. So no paper/magazine would deny him to publish. This is very useful of course.

I do not know what sort of campaign Traian U. is planning. Maybe he will focus on saving his own country, and not be so visible in other countries. The situation in Romania is that even otherwise sensible people are naively and even fanatically positive about the EU. I'm sure Traian U. has a lot to teach his own people about this (Lisbon Treaty etc.). Maybe this will become his main focus, and he will look more like a Vaclav Klaus than a Wilders. Nevertheless, he's the right man for Romania, and the more people in their right minds we have there the better.

50 said...

I understand what you mean, but I was thinking more along the lines of an informal block of politicians from different countries, perhaps leading to a more formal organization sometime in the future.

Conservative Swede said...


I know Traian U. is open to such ideas. What I do not know, at this point, are his more specific plans for this candidacy.

Armance said...

Traian Ungureanu is now a member of the European Parliament. He was the third on the list of his party, and they won 11 seats (out of 33), so his victory is sure.

Unfortunately, I'm a little bit upset about the unexpected success of the Social Democrats (a party of corrupted villains, like the Social Democrats are almost anywhere): they also took 11 seats.

But that's life: a little bit of cold, a little bit of warmth.

Anyway, I am sure Traian will be one of the best European MPs, in contrast with other members of the Mickey Mouse Parliament. I am also glad about Geert Wilders's party success and the shameful, but entirely deserved defeat of the Labour Party in Great Britain.

The media traitors and morons all over Europe already talk a lot about "a rise of extremism and populism in Europe", refering to Holland, Italy, the UK, Austria, etc. Which is good: when the lamestream media is annoyed by something, it means things are going in the right direction. It's not a political earthquake, but it's a step in the right direction. At some point, more people will wake up. I hope so.