Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Open thread, March 2011

OK, so my Zionism vs. Bolshevism post is now up to 236 comments. Mainly thanks to Polymath and Rebellious Vanilla (AKA Tasty Glamgirl and nowadays AKA UltimateAwesomeness). But also thanks to The Wandering White and lately the NY Untermensch (in my view a horribly tasteless and sickening moniker).

Anyway, the point is (which motivates my posting after almost a year of hiatus) is that (1. Blogger sucks, and 2. Blogger sucks, and 3. Blogger sucks, and...). You have all experienced the new Blogger spam filter -- IT SUCKS!!! However, that is just yet another one of hundreds of examples of horribly tasteless and sickening Blogger bugs. Another bug that we have seen during the years is connected to the comment threads that go passed 200 comments. Before you know it, the comments over 200 won't be seen at all. Just watch Blogger screw it for you -- it's not so much a question of if, but of when. And even though I planned not to write anything more at this blog, I cannot have Blogger messing up things for you. So I'm hereby opening a new thread.

I somewhat feel like a reanimated mummy (something like from a Frankenstein movie). Polymath and RV scared life into a blog that was supposed to be dead. It's a really strange experience, since my idea of a blog was to have a place where one WRITES to others. But now for me my blog turned into a place where others have me READ stuff they write. However, I cannot say that I'm not enjoying it :-)

Anyway, here's something for you to go at:

It's from Wings of Desire (Himmel ├╝ber Berlin). The scene tells us why Peter Falk decides to no longer be an angel. He says (here in Italian), as a way of explaining the essence of life on Earth: "Have a smoke, have a coffee, and if you do it together it is fantastic!" These where the reasons he chose to no longer be an angel.

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