Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ekeroth, Clausen and Ungureanu

As you can see the sidebar of my blog I'm supporting Kent Ekeroth in the EU election here in Sweden. He's the clearest voice among the Sweden Democrats against the Islamization of Europe. Vote for him! Or at least make sure to vote for the Sweden Democrats. And vote! Many people opposing the EU say they won't vote. To me that is crazy. Given the low turnout in the elections, this is a great chance to make a difference. If we get one of our men in, they'll get loads of resources for a good cause. They will get a budget to employ 4-5 people working full time in research and lobbying for the most important cause in our time. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

In Denmark you should of course vote for the Danish People's Party (and vote!!!), and "my" candidate in Denmark is Henrik Ræder Clausen, one of the guys behind and a frequent commenter over at Gates of Vienna. Here is his presentation of his candidacy. An obvious choice.

Both Henrik and Kent have a tough race, and for them to enter it will require their respective parties to get two MEPs into the EU parliament, and for people like you checking them in the ballot as your preference vote (they are number 8 and 6 respectively on their parties' lists). Do it!

Someone who is much more likely to be elected, however, is Traian Ungureanu in Romania. And he's as good on Islam and Islamization as Kent and Henrik. He recently started his blog, where he's got Gates of Vienna and Brussels Journal in his blogroll. Traian is a journalist and is a candidate for the Democratic Liberal Party (EPP), the party of the Romanian president (Traian Basescu). Does that make him sound like an establishment figure to you? Forget about it!

The political landscape in Romania is something quite different. All parties from the left to the right, are controlled by the oligarchy, i.e. the former Securitate officers, except the party of Basescu. And of course they control the media too (not so different from the West if you think about it). The president Traian Basescu has been like a lonely Churchill against all the other traitorous Chamberlians and Halifaxes. When he opened the Securitate archives. When Romania officially condemned Communism (the only country which did so far, all thanks to president Basescu). And many times Traian Ungureanu has been the only journalist defending the president. Of course the Securitate controlled media has tried to crush president Basescu (yes including an impeachment of course), and Ungureanu is seen as a big threat too, and has therefore ended up as a real loner. It even got to the point where the Romainan media implied that "the Traians" were so tight that they must be in a homosexual relationship. Based on them having the same first name, and given how childish the media always is... And given that they are the two really truly brave men in Romania.

But yes, president Basescu, and his party, has got a lot of support by the people. Unlike in the West they are not as mesmerized by the establishment's PC/Securitate ploys (although this is deteriorating at a very fast rate in Romainia too, mainly thanks to George Soros).

Here is what I wrote about the political situation in Romania over at Gates of Vienna back in 2007:

I'm very glad to see so many Romanians here (I count to four). I hope you stay around so that you can help me telling the story of Traian Basescu. I see it as a gospel.

Cobra, So President Basescu is not blemish free? Such an utterly redundant thing to say. What are you looking for: an angel, a god? Traian Basescu is more flawless than Winston Churchill and that is good enough for me.

There are several good lessons to learn from President Basescu about good leadership. Knowledge that used to be known in the West but that is now all lost, but that can be found today in Romania. The moral lesson is: i) that good leadership is possible in these times, ii) how it is done, and iii) that the PC elites in Western Europe acts exactly in the same way as the ruling oligarchy of former Securitate officers in Romania. I haven't found any major differences in their modus operandi so far.

Traian Basescu stands up against this oligarchy of former Securitate officers, the billionaires, as one single man. The oligarchy controls all other political parties except for Besescu's party, and virtually all journalists except for Traian Ungureanu. All the other parties together with the journalists are at war against President Basescu. But he is a tough guy with strong will power. This is a very good and morally educating story to tell to the whole world. It illustrates better than anything else what politics is all about and shows what is possible. It's a story of hope for the hopeless.

Winston Churchill was just as alone in May 1940 as Traian Basescu is today in Romania. The image of the audience applauding the Blood, Sweat and Tears speech in the parliament is a lie. It was received very coldly. Everyone else of importance wanted to sign a peace treaty with Hitler. Churchill was alone in pushing for what he believed in. This is real leadership. The single man showing the right way.

I hope one day soon that the Romanians will drop their idiotic inferiority complex and tell the world this very important story that needs to heard. It needs to be told by someone else than a Swede. So far when I requested this from Romanians I get to hear the lament of how very unimportant your country is and how nobody wants to hear about it, yada yada. I have to tell you that I'm sick of hearing that, and that it's utter BS. Tell the world about what's happening in your country! I cannot think of any more important country to know about for the best educational experience about politics and leadership.
My prediction is that Traian Ungureanu will enter the EU parliament. And that when this happens a lot of Romanians (those in their right minds) will actually start taking pride in their country and think that they are important, and think it will be important to tell the world the story about their brave Traians and their amazing achivements. And they will be able to do that so much better than me.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

More videos from Luton

Here is another video from the Luton manifestation. This is a good one. I like the intensity.

Here are all the videos in this series.

Watching it, I can't help but thinking of Tiananmen Square 1989. First of all the same demonization of decent people in our sort of tyranny as under Communism. Secondly how the police are ordinary people, not so different from the young men protesting. Eventually this would demoralize the policemen if the Luton protesters keep going. This happened in Tiananmen Square too. Remember that they had to bring in troops from outside of Beijing to brutally crush the demonstrators (well, we might see that sort of step coming in Luton too...).

Here is another video you should see, which was made before the demonstration, providing all the background, and what the movement stands for. I like it very much.

Hat tip Lionheart. There are loads of more information about this, and more videos, at his site.
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More social responsivity in Luton

The healthy moral outrage continues in Luton!

It started back in March when the Luton borough council and the Bedfordshire Police gave permission to Muslims to heckle the homecoming parade of British troops from Iraq. Two members of the public were arrested when tensions boiled over as the Muslims tried to ruin the homecoming parade. Next, in April, the people of Luton, unlike the Muslims, were denied permission for their manifestation in support of the soldiers, but marched anyway. This is yet another manifestation.

Hundreds of protesters in Luton's city centre yesterday stormed the streets. Many wearing balaclavas, England shirts, brandishing England flags and chanting at officers:

It's good to see them waving the English flag, which is the real nationalist symbol, rather than the British flag which is more of a political abstraction, and more corrupted.

From the Daily Mail:

Masked mob on the march against Muslim extremists turns violent

The streets of Luton descended into violence yesterday as hundreds of anti-Islamist protesters clashed with police.

The crowds in the town centre hid their faces behind balaclavas, brandished England flags and chanted at officers.

Some wore masks with the horned face of Sayful Islam, a hardline Muslim activist in Luton who took part in an anti-war rally in March which disrupted a homecoming parade for troops.

A depiction of Sayful Islam (a hardline Muslim activist in Luton)

The chaos broke out when a crowd of around 500 ran away from police who had been escorting the protest along its route, and ran down side streets towards the town centre.

Officers on horseback and police dogs were deployed, and policemen drew batons to defend themselves.

A spokesman for United People of Luton, Wayne King, said: 'We decided enough was enough after the soldiers got heckled as they marched through the town centre by the Muslim extremists. We want laws brought in to stop preachers of hate operating here.

Update: Since I posted this the Daily Mail has updated their article. It now says Nine arrested after masked mob's march against Muslim extremists turns violent. The text is longer and with more pictures. Follow the link.

Lionheart has several posts about it. His last 5-10 posts are about Luton. It will be very interesting to follow the development in Britain in the coming weeks. Read further...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ongoing discussions

There are several ongoing discussions under my recent posts. Insightful people are commenting and interesting topics are being discussed at length. This is why you don't see new blog posts from me right now.

Here me and Geza are discussing whether Gert Wilders will turn out as a Kerensky or not. It's my turn to reply. (Update: I have now answered Geza).

Here me and El Ingles are discussing whether Europe is under US occupation or not. It's El Ingles' turn to reply. There are also several other commenters involved, most notably a very interesting comment by Islam O'Phobe.

Here Rolf Krake gives another take on how to match The Lord of the Rings to our present time. There are so many ways to interpret this. Krake's version is a very good one. I especially like the idea of small bloggers like us being the hobbits. But I'll stick to my version with George Soros as Saruman, Obama as the Ring, and Mecca as Mordor. I should add that Muhammad is Sauron.

Here is an aggressive Quisling-wannabe who is threatening to report me and Jean-Baptiste to the Norwegian secret police, based on his delusional fantasies. It's like a Monty Python sketch.

And the discussion under the post Anthropologist out in the fields is still ongoing.

To follow the ideas of this blog it is as important to follow the comments as it is the articles. I write as much there, and at length.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rollory's take on the downfall of the USA

I have a bit of a backlog with highly interesting emails and other things that I have not had the time to handle, since I have been away from blogging most of the time the last few weeks. One of them is the post by PRCalDude in reply to our discussion about Christianity/ethnicity. That one will probably take me the whole summer to answer properly, and I will indeed spend all this time in addressing the issue; since it touches upon what will be one of my main topics henceforth. There will be many posts, the first one in a near future, is my ambition.

The email I bring up today comes from Rollory. This email was sent to me two weeks ago. It was a response to the comments I had made in the GoV thread The Self-Defeat of the United States, and blogposts I made back then. But it also fits nicely into the context of the dialog I'm having with El Ingles here.


Regarding your criticism of the USA, as an American, I think you're right on the money. I'm not convinced the USA is even going to exist four years from now.
This is in large part going to be triggered by the economic situation, but the ground has been laid socially and politically for a long time. Karl Denninger at has been writing for quite some time about how and why the current behavior of the US FedGov is going to lead the entire country straight into disaster, largely due to the consequences in the bond market - if you have not read him before, I strongly encourage it:
He has quite a few other good articles that go into depth on how and
why the massive government spending increase underway since last
October, and the refusal to admit the existence of a bubble economy
for the past two decades, is incredibly destructive. Now this is all
from a strictly economic perspective, it tells us "how" though not
"why". He doesn't really address social issues much - some of the
commenters on his forum have hinted at sanity regarding racial
matters, but it's a discussion he doesn't really allow (and one can
understand why, it would take the focus off the specifics of the
capital markets, which is what he wants to discuss).

I also recently came across this: The Worst Case Scenario (Someone Has to Say It), which is very much in line with what Denninger has been predicting, and what I have been thinking.

The thing is, the USA has not really been stressed for a long time.
We have not faced a serious challenge since the 30s, and even that
wasn't so bad. The fall this time is going to be sudden and hard and
it is going to happen to a society already fractured and
disassociated, leaving it without any ruling ideology at all. There
are quite a few (on the net, anyway - not sure about IRL) militia
types and gun nuts who talk about restoring the Founder's Republic,
often by means of overt violent resistance to the current form of
government. But the one thing they refuse to consider, the one thing
they forbid considering, is the idea that such a restoration must of
necessity be racial and ethnic as well as political - that the
political cannot happen in the absence of the racial. So in that
sense they are still fundamentally liberals. But they are hard-core
believers. So they are going to try to do their impossible thing, and
probably smash that dream to bits even more than the collapse by
itself would.
I wholeheartedly agree with what Rollory says here. Especially in the last paragraph he makes many good points. And yes, these people do not understand the forces they unleash. But to use a Marxist term I learned from Trifkovic, they are objective agents of transformation. I see Geert Wilders in the same way, he's a typical liberal, however an honest one. I don't think he's aware of the forces he'd unleash if he comes into power. The rule of him and his kind would be very short, something like Kerensky in 1917. Liberalism cannot be saved and these honest liberals will be the objective agents of transformation to make the downfall of liberalism happen. However, many of them will change to our side in the process, quite as many of us have already transformed ourselves in just this way.

And yes, ethnicity will become the central and defining aspect of our identity. That's why I have started working on a framework for the greater mythological narrative for my ethnic group.

America has an even more difficult situation to deal with than Europe. America never properly turned into an ethnicity such as the European nations. The cake was baked together and put into the oven, but too shortly to create a proper crust that could stick together. Instead America turned into a propositional nation. This is why Americans would take to arms to defend their constitution (i.e. their state) rather than their ethnic nation. This is also why Americans, when gotten over their constitution and turned into real contra-revolutionaries, identify by race rather than ethnicity. Ethnicity is simply not readily available for you as it is for Europeans (just under the surface). However, Americans will be back on track baking that cake once the USA has fallen. The USA is dying, long live America!

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Our times through the prism of LOTR

Fjordman inspired me to write this:

Mecca is Mordor and George Soros is Saruman. José Manuel Barroso is nominated as Gollum together with Gordon Brown and Sarkozy.

And Obama? He's the ring!

One Child to rule them all, One Child to find them,
One Child to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mecca where the Shadows lie.

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Discussion about future scenarios, part 2

In reply to my comments here, I got the following answer from El Ingles:


you should indeed write more if you are inclined to do so, especially about the US occupation of europe, as you call it. i am sceptical about this thesis, but would be interested in hearing more.

thnks to everyone else as well, for the many interesting comments.
So the discussion continues, and here's my reply:

El Ingles,

Thanks or your interest, and yes I will write about it. But it's not a thesis, it's a fact (as pointed out by Jean-Baptiste earlier in the discussion). There are indeed US troops occupying Germany, Italy and several other European countries.

Gaventa's theory of power shows that power is established in three stages: 1) first by the superior means to apply violence, 2) secondly, once the occupation is a fact, by the building of institutions, and 3) finally by mind control so that the opressee no longer sees himself as oppressed.

The United States always call their occupations liberation. The fact that the oppressees buy into this and are in denial about the fact that we are occupied by US troops shows how completely the US power over Europe is established, it has reached the third step since long ago.

Furthermore, according to Gaventa's three-step approach, each stage rests upon the fundament of the previous stage. It is not possible to build your institutions before you have militarily defeated the country you invade (try to imagine the US building institutions in Germany before 1945). The institutions in turn supports the brainwashing. So all power ultimately rests upon the superior ability to apply violence. So if you want to analyze the power situation, look for who's holding the gun. He's the one calling the shots. Only someone having reached stage-three brainwashing could miss such an obvious fact.

So let's repeat Gaventa's three stages of power. At the first stage the losing side has access to the arena and are struggling there. The arena could be the battlefield or a political arena (this model works equally well to describe the situation of e.g. the Sweden Democrats). At the second stage the losing side tries to enter the arena but is effectively blocked out by the institutions built by the winner. At the third stage the losing side has even lost its awareness of its self-interest and is no longer even trying to enter the arena. They have completely accepted to be oppressed, but actually do no longer see themselves as oppressed. They no longer see it as a conflict; the power of the winner has eaten itself all the way into their brains. This is the moment when the power is total and complete. But also the moment when an inattentive observer will say that there is no conflict of interest in such a place -- only peace, harmony and friendship.

Allegedly the US troops are in Germany as their friends and allies. But you would find that it would be as impossible to put German troops in the US as building a church in Saudi Arabia. What does that tell you?

This power structure has to be fought by unwinding it in the reverse order that it was built. At the third level the brainwashing makes the people consider expression of their self-interest as thought crimes. This hampers people from joining the Sweden Democrats or even to vote for them. At the second level the Sweden Democrats (once people have joined the party in substantial numbers) are blocked out from the medial arena, and thereby effectively blocked out of the political arena. At the first level -- which the Sweden Democrats have not entered yet, but probably will in the next election -- they will continue to lose for quite a long time more. And the brainwashing and the institutional oppression will still be operative until they have won on the political arena, that is until they are in government.

The same applies to the US occupation of Europe. First the people has to be made aware of the fact that we are indeed occupied by US troops (I'm sure I will be able to provide people who doubt about this with documents and pictures that would convince you that there are indeed US troops in Germany, Italy etc.). But we have to get to the first and basic level to break the power, i.e. the US troops have to leave Europe. And the best way to get to this is to break the power-holding institutions, in this case specifically NATO, which is the fundament for all the other power-holding institutions.

Finally, if the US wants to make the point that they are not occupying Germany etc., their best "argument" would be to withdraw their troops. If they use this argument I will admit my defeat in this debate.
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Discussion about future scenarios

El Ingles has posted an article at Gates of Vienna, To Push or to Squeeze?, discussing future scenarios in terms of three options in which which the number of Muslims in a European could be reduced:

  • through pressuring them, in whatever fashion, to decide to relocate (Option 1);
  • through deporting them (Option 2); and,
  • through large-scale violence which, taken to an extreme, would constitute genocide (Option 3).

Commenter Jean-Baptiste wrote an interesting reply to this:

El Ingles has demonstrated the practical obstacles for any European government wishing to institute Option 1 or 2, but there also exists a theoretical obstacle that renders even the adoption of a meek and mild version of Option 1 a complete impossibility.

Since the end of WWII and the rise of the United States as the sole superpower of the Western world, American values of liberal democracy have become embedded into all of the nations of Europe. All the major European states conceive of themselves as mini-Americas: multi-ethnic democracies which are not allowed to make any distinctions among citizens upon the basis of race, religion or national origin.

There are dissents here and there, Wilders to be sure, Berlusconi in Italy, but these dissents are working against the both the spirit of the age and the instititutionalized powers that be.

In order to adopt even a weak version of Option 1, a European elite would have to first reject the concept of the liberal requirement of the multi-ethnic, non-discriminatory state, a state of affairs so out of the question as to be absurd.

Even if one were to posit such an amazing occurrence, this new European leadership would then have to reject liberal universalism in favor of the ethno-state while under the steely glare of the United States whose—what a coincidence!—military forces happen to occupy the continent, with no challenger even close to being able to stop them.

Which scenario seems to you to be more likely: 1) a French nationalist movement captures the French state, declares the return to the ethno-state, overturns all contrary legislation and moves to deport all Muslims, whatever passport they carry, with force if necessary; or 2) NATO, with US troops providing the backbone, helped restore proper French Republican government after a near-coup by a crazy nationalist colonel who wanted to turn Europe back to an era where countries persecuted, and even killed, members of a disfavored religious minority?

If your answer is anything other than “2,” please see a doctor.

The hard, cold truth is that there will be no peaceful outcome, as we are already in a revolutionary situation. Until we grasp the full measure of what that means, until we understand as a movement that the current governments are completely illegitimate and that we are morally justified in using violence to resist and overthrow them, in short, until we realize to our horror that the time has indeed already arrived for the gun, all this is nothing but noise and fury.

Here is my reply to Jean-Baptiste:

Jean-Baptiste is all correct in his analysis. Europe is indeed occupied by American troops and this determines the whole situation (anyone who does not understand the significance of the military aspect as fundamentally determining for any political situation should indeed see a doctor). It's not until American troops leave Germany that any real change of the situation could happen.

It's not EU that is our problem here, it's NATO. The EU is just a weak shadow; a symptom, not a cause (it has no military power of significance, it does not militarily control its own land!). As Jean-Baptiste pointed out, the European countries had already been turned into mini-Americas -- by the cultural revolution that has been imposed upon us during the American occupation, in the name of anti-fascism -- and would have remained so, with or without the EU.

NATO's first secretary general stated that NATO it is about three things: keeping Germany down, Russia out and America in. And the fall of the Soviet Union didn't change this a bit. The three things sticks together in the same narrative and it all has to be reversed together. I.e. it is not until American troops leave Germany that we will see a situation different than the one described by Jean-Baptiste here. As long as American troops stay in Germany real change is hopeless and impossible.

What is missing from Jean-Baptiste's analysis (and El Ingles' as well) is the impending collapse of the dollar, and how this will fundamentally change the whole situation. And this will most likely happen before any Wilders in power or any Options 1-3.

I intend to write about my take on these future scenarios in my blog during the summer.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Anthropologist out in the fields

My, what happened to my blog? I'll tell you what happened, my life came in between. More work than usually, and a lot of travelling. And as if that wasn't enough it will go on like that for some two more weeks. But in spite of the appearance (or rather the non-appearance of updates) I'm full of energy for blogging, and I will continue according to plan.

I will continue my mission as a cultural anthropologist unveiling the deeper mythological structures of our civilization, exposing the core myths and taboos of the current world order and why it is bound to fall apart, and how we from its ashes can restore the great mythological narrative needed for a people to thrive (yes it has something to do with religion).

Yes, cultural anthropologists are generally leftists or liberals, but when detached from their home context and looking at primitive cultures they are using the right approach and method. A primitive society is very "naked" and there are only the core aspects of human society there to study, such as myths, totems and taboos. Social hierarchies and kinship. Social symbols and institutions. Who is what and who belongs or don't belong.

Cultural anthropologists know well that if such core concepts and symbols break apart the tribe breaks apart. However, no Westerner seems to get the idea of applying this knowledge to our own society, to our own tribes. Often benevolent interference from the West has crushed the structure of primitive societies. We have the example of the tribe where woodcutting was a core business, but they had a scarcity of axes. Westerners helped them by supplying lots of axes. Only that the axe symbolized authority in their tribe. Only the men in leading positions had axes. But now suddenly any young guy had an axe. The fabric of their society fell apart. Nobody knew their role anymore and their society couldn't function.

Since the Enlightenment our civilization has more and more engaged in social experimenting. Since the beginning of the 20th century we have been obsessed about it. It started in Europe, but the 20th century and onwards has been the American Age, and the Europeans of America have taken the obsession with social experimenting to a whole new level. Today it's the norm. But what happens with a society when we crack e.g. the marriage institution? When nobody no longer knows their role -- as man or woman, teacher or police, judge or military -- and are afraid to enter an act from a proper position of authority. Not only are people in agony from insecurity about what their role really is and how to act, but the society is falling apart. We are all egalitarian atomized individuals. The vital core anthropological structures have already been broken down. The pieces of it are just kept up by floating on a sea of fat, generated from the vast success of Capitalism and Industrialism. But no new fat is generated. We are sinking.

If our society is stripped "naked" of all impressive technology and achievements, it's a society in the very same sense as a primitive tribe. And the same rules apply. Humans have not genetically changed because of entering the Industrial Age. So our society is also at its core about myths, totems and taboos; social hierarchies and kinship, social symbols etc. Westerners are blinded by our very impressive achievements of the past. They think they are invincible and that there is no limit to how much they can experiment with our core social concepts. Westerners actually believe that their lands can be replaced with people of other tribes and that their societies will still remain. They have even forgotten that they are a tribe. They loathe the concept of a tribe and therefore themselves as a people. This is bound to backfire and fall apart. And from the ashes of it our great mythological narrative has to be reconstructed again.

And my belief is that we need to go to the very beginning to get it right. And in the beginning there was no Christianity, no foreign god, no inversion of values. In the great mythological narrative of Christianity only the Jews are guaranteed to exist to the end of times, and only the the Jews are important for the beginning of the narrative. That's a good story for the Jews, not for us. Germanic, Slavic, Romanic or Celitic people are completely irrelevant in this narrative. And its the fruits of this mindset that we see in the current civilizational suicide. But there is another narrative -- I'm speaking here for my people, for my tribe, the Germanic people -- in which we are the ones that made the beginning, and where we are the ones guaranteed to exist till the end of time. It's also a better narrative since it does not make the proposterous and unsustainable claims as the Christian god.

Religion is about answering many of the deeper questions of people, such as what happens after we die. But the significance of our own people, as a people, is an equally important question to be answered. We need to see ourselves as the lead charachter of the movie, as it were, or we will disintegrate. And the lead charachter cannot die halfway into the movie. We might meet our Ragnarök, but we will be there when it happens. And as we know from the narrative, it's enough with two remaining Germanic persons, Liv and Livtrasir, for a new start to happen and etrance into the new era with the new gods.

This was not the post I intended to write when I started. But it's good so I keep it :-)
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