Monday, April 20, 2009

Luton: Morality reemerging in the West

The police broke up a march on Monday 13/4/09 by British people wanting to reclaim their streets from Muslim fanatics. Officers said it was illegal to stage the protest in Luton where extremists were allowed only last month to shout abuse at troops home from Iraq.

This is the first time I can remember seeing Westerners act morally. All morality is ultimately rooted in moral outrage. Without socially manifested moral outrage there can only be nihilism. All the priestly preachers of the all-encompassing Enlightenment tsunami, and their priestly institutions, have during the last centuries, and especially during the last decades, worked eagerly to deprive the Westerners of all sense of morality, all sense of honour, and left us with nothing but their cynical, destructive and cruel nihilism; which is in the process of killing us as a civilization.

It's good to see the goodness and honour of these young men. It shows the natural sense of morality that after all exists under the surface among the Westerners. Something we haven't seen since the days of Enoch Powell. Something that has been utterly suppressed by the traitorous pharisees in our ruling classes.

Here are more video clips of the event.

Here follows the declaration of the protesters:

Join our next march Bank Holiday Sunday the 3rd May @ 5pm St Georges square.

The whole country witnessed the hate filled scum that gate crashed the soldiers homecoming! Two of there regiment died in iraq and they should of met a heroes welcome when returning to there home town.

Luton borough council and the bedfordshire Police gave permission to these Muslim fanatics to protest. Our council and Police force need to decide if they back this disbanded Terrorist group Al-Muhajiroun or they back the local residents of luton!
The people of Luton are calling for all the scum that turned out that day to dishonour our armed forces to be given an ASBO that bans them from our town centre 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

Neither soldier nor member of the public should ever have to brush shoulders with these scum ever again. This same extremist group stand outside Don Millers bakery every Saturday recruiting and trying to convert people for there Jihad. Luton Police and the council allow this - WE WILL NOT!

There are future homecoming parades already planned through Luton and these vermin need to be banned from the town centre. If they were to enter the town centre they could then be arrested and dealt with through the courts.
2 members of the public were arrested when tensions boiled over as the Terrorists tried to ruin the homecoming parade. How many more British people will need to be arrested before our council & the Police listen?

Cut the politically correct tape tying everyone's hands and do something about this Terrorist group who hate everything our great county stands for.
We must stress that this is a very small number of Muslim fanatics and not the wider Muslim community so lets unite against these worthless scum and turn out in our numbers be that Muslim, Catholic, Christian, Jewish, White, Black or Asian. Turn out in your numbers so the whole country can see the residents of Luton are fed up and are having no more of it!!

There is no point sitting in your armchair and shouting at the TV. The only way to get the message across is to take it to the streets. This is a chance to show the Poilce and the council the power of public opinion.
The entire country is behind us

The next Protest will be held on Sunday 3rd May! Be there!
Update: Lionheart has a post describing how these people had applied for a permit to parade, but was denied it. Babs summarizes the whole thing at GoV: "[A] permit was applied for to hold a parade in honor of St. George's Day which was denied by the Luton Council. The original parade idea was to be pro country, like a 4th of July parade in the states I assume. The fact that indigenous Brits were denied the right to assemble while "other elements" of their society not only assemble but become violent on a fairly frequent basis so enraged the organizers that they decided to hold a parade without a permit. Hence, rather than a positive parade so to speak, the signage and mood of the parade became reactionary."

Hat tip: Gates of Vienna and Lionheart.


Fyrvaktaren said...

What we can see here is the
incompatibility of freedom of expression and mass immigration from Muslim countries.

You can't have booth.

As for Enoch Powell, you are certainly right:

Standing athwart history yelling Stop

50 said...

I don't know how this is going to eventually work out, but I know that one day Luton will be free of islam!