Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The discussion spreads to Sailer's blog

The discussion about the The Self-Defeat of the United States has spread to Steve Sailer's blog. Commenter Togo writes:

As a couple of Europeans explain, "conservatism" in the US is not really conservatism. Which tends to explain why it's in a perpetual state of disorganized retreat.
And then continues to quote me saying:
The reason that we find a strong conservatism in America and not in Europe is that American conservatives are not at all conservative but liberals to the core; French Revolution egalitarians and PC addicts with fear of “racism”, etc. European conservatism is of a essentially different kind, and totally unacceptable under the current world order. In the American mythology, which is the foundation for our current civilizational paradigm, the old pre-WWI Europe is the worst of the evils, much worse than Communism of fascism. After all Wilson and Roosevelt understood and respected Lenin and Stalin. It was the old (and vital!) Europe that was Satan itself in their eyes.(…)
And ends with quoting Geza's thoughts on the topic.

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Armance said...

Ireland? Kind of strange. What might be the explanation? A link to your blog from one or more popular Irish blogs? Anyway, considering that the right part of your blog contains some vivid shades of green from the art project and the counter-Jihad clock, you seem to be well prepared for your new visitors. Islamic green replaced by Irish green. That's nice.

Afonso Henriques said...

Some... er... a lot of truth in that.