Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The social cohesion of the honest anti-Jihadists and the hatemongering of the dishonest ones

An important aspect of the anti-Jihad struggle is how "racism" has in recent decades become the main cardinal sin of our society. The charge of racism is cast very broadly, and being hit by it implies the strongest possible ostracism and effective social exclusion. It becomes necessary for anyone who takes anti-Jihad resistance seriously, and intends to navigate through this minefield, to protect oneself from such charges, and ideally wring this weapon out of the hands of those hatemongering bullies.

There are two main approaches. One is the approach of for example Geert Wilders, SIOE (Stop the Islamization of Europe) and Robert Spencer: the "no racism here!" approach. Such as formulated by Geert Wilders' "no racist organizations allowed". Or by the slogan of SIOE: "Racism is the lowest form of human stupidity, but Islamophobia is the height of common sense." This is one possible way of tearing the weapon of the racism charge out of the hands of the hatemongers.

The other approach is the one applied by for example Baron Bodissey when he writes "We’re All Racists Now". This is the other way of wringing the weapon out of their hands. Accepting the charge -- then what else could they do further? The same kind of approach was applied by Gates of Vienna when they launched their popular badge "Islamophobe and proud of it!"

These are just two different rhetorical approaches to the same problem. These do not represent two different camps (quite as those who accept the "Islamophobe" charge, and those who not, are not different camps). It's one and the very same camp, just different approaches. But there are indeed other camps, one on each side of this critical mass of honest anti-Jihadism. Both of which are socially disconnected from this main camp, as well as dishonest.

One such camp is represented by Charles Johnson and LGF. Most of the honest anti-Jihadists are on the black list of LGF: Gates of Vienna, Fjordman, Pamela Geller, Andrew Bostom, Diana West, and Bat Ye'or is considered a fascism enabler, etc.

Charles Johnson recently quoted Geert Wilders saying "no racist organizations will be allowed", adding his ubiquitous one-liner: "There’s at least one anti-jihad politician in Europe who refuses to join forces with fascists and white nationalists: Geert Wilders."

The edge here is towards those who accept, or refuse to hostilely denounce, Vlaams Belang. The issue of Vlaams Belang became a great dividing line last year in relation to the Counterjihad Summit in Brussels. Those who do not hostilely denounce Vlaams Belang are considered Nazis or Nazi allies by LGF and Charles Johnson. This includes Pamela Geller, Fjordman, Diana West, Baron Bodissey, Andrew Bostom, just to name a few.

Vlaams Belang is also denounced by Geert Wilders, SIOE and Robert Spencer (who rather shows concern than outright denouncement). But there is a whole world between their stances and the one of Charles Johnson, foremostly because of the lack of hostility. Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Baron Boddisey, Andrew Bostom, Fjordman, etc., all belong in the same social network of anti-Jihadism and are supporting each other. Surely there are differences in opinion and approaches, but no hostilities.

In the comments to Charles Johnson's post about Wilders, the Lizards of LGF are attacking their favourite targets: Gates of Vienna, Fjordman and Pamela Geller. Comments exposing to what degree LGF is an isolated glass bubble, detached from factual as well as social reality.

One Lizard writes:

I guess he [Wilders] is on GoV's "shit list" now.
And there are plenty of comments attacking Gates of Vienna and Fjordman in this way, in that thread.

But the fact is that Baron Bodissey just visited a party in honour of Geert Wilders. Geert Wilders was supposed to be there too, but had to decline due to illness. People from his party were there however, and apart from that the "jet set" of honest and constructive anti-Jihadism (but e.g. neither Charles Johnson nor Lawrence Auster were invited). This is simply too much reality for Charles Johnson and his Lizards to take in. They want to fantasize about hostilities between Geert Wilders and Baron Bodissey. They totally need these fantasies ("shit list" etc.) since their stance has no basis in facts; instead facts need to be stubbornly ignored to uphold the charade.

Another Lizard who doesn't get it, and never did, is Pastorius:
Will Pamela Geller write ridiculous comments and posts condemning Wilders, and will Pamela once again go on a rant that proves she doesn't know the difference between Nationalism, and Ethnic Nationalism?
I suggest that Pastorius takes a look at Pamela's interview with Wilders, and get a reality check. Pastorius is just a lonely guy sitting behind the computer, driven by hate, disconnected from the real world, fantasizing about how Pamela is condemning Wilders, while in fact there is nothing but mutual respect between the two, as shown in this interview(watch it! it's very good). He's got nothing to cling to but such fantasies, while shutting out reality.

In an exchange with Pastorius, Charles Johnson says:
I've found nothing on the web that puts Wilders together with the Vlaams Belang, the National Front, the FPO, the BNP, or any other neo-fascist group.

But if I do discover that he's collaborating with them, I'll drop my support for Wilders.
Well, Wilders is friendly with Pamela Geller and Baron Bodissey. Already this will be too much for LGF, of course. So do not expect any photos of Geert Wilder at the sidebar of LGF anytime soon. And in the event of any such photo popping up, expect it to be brought down sooner than later, quite as the photo of Oriana Fallaci was torn down.

There is more to say on this theme, so more posts about it will be coming up.
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