Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All my thoughts in one thread

Hi all!

It's been a while. Recently I got inspired in a discussion thread of Gates of Vienna, and I managed to write about most of the thoughts that that are currently on my mind in that thread. Here it is: Reversal is Possible

There are currently 165 comments in the thread. I have probably written a third of it. This thread is highly recommended for those interested in my ideas. There are so many things that I intended to write during the last six months, that I finally wrote about there.

Today Baron Bodissey posted a new article, Hellish Saviours, inspired by my ideas from the other thread. The discussion is now continuing there.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Will New York commemorate Sept. 11 as an Islamic celebration day?

Will New York commemorate Sept. 11 as an Islamic celebration day? Well, the New York City Council just passed a resolution which leads to this, pressed by CAIR. All but one voted in favour of it.

Stupidity meets dhimmitude in a way that makes the UK and Sweden look almost sane. The UK used to have the world record in perverted and deranged self-degradation, but this reaches truly coprophilic levels:

NYC forced to honor Islam on Sept. 11?

Can you imagine what NYC will look like next year while celebrating Sept. 11 as an Islamic holiday?

I congratulate the New Yorkers since I'm sure it will make them feel like the exemplary specimens of patented goodness, and cleanse them of their distressful guilt feelings for having provoked 911 and their sin of evil thoughts about the ones who actually did it. Such a perfect gesture in tribute of multiculturalism!

Hat tip: Every Kinda People

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