Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Anthropologist out in the fields

My, what happened to my blog? I'll tell you what happened, my life came in between. More work than usually, and a lot of travelling. And as if that wasn't enough it will go on like that for some two more weeks. But in spite of the appearance (or rather the non-appearance of updates) I'm full of energy for blogging, and I will continue according to plan.

I will continue my mission as a cultural anthropologist unveiling the deeper mythological structures of our civilization, exposing the core myths and taboos of the current world order and why it is bound to fall apart, and how we from its ashes can restore the great mythological narrative needed for a people to thrive (yes it has something to do with religion).

Yes, cultural anthropologists are generally leftists or liberals, but when detached from their home context and looking at primitive cultures they are using the right approach and method. A primitive society is very "naked" and there are only the core aspects of human society there to study, such as myths, totems and taboos. Social hierarchies and kinship. Social symbols and institutions. Who is what and who belongs or don't belong.

Cultural anthropologists know well that if such core concepts and symbols break apart the tribe breaks apart. However, no Westerner seems to get the idea of applying this knowledge to our own society, to our own tribes. Often benevolent interference from the West has crushed the structure of primitive societies. We have the example of the tribe where woodcutting was a core business, but they had a scarcity of axes. Westerners helped them by supplying lots of axes. Only that the axe symbolized authority in their tribe. Only the men in leading positions had axes. But now suddenly any young guy had an axe. The fabric of their society fell apart. Nobody knew their role anymore and their society couldn't function.

Since the Enlightenment our civilization has more and more engaged in social experimenting. Since the beginning of the 20th century we have been obsessed about it. It started in Europe, but the 20th century and onwards has been the American Age, and the Europeans of America have taken the obsession with social experimenting to a whole new level. Today it's the norm. But what happens with a society when we crack e.g. the marriage institution? When nobody no longer knows their role -- as man or woman, teacher or police, judge or military -- and are afraid to enter an act from a proper position of authority. Not only are people in agony from insecurity about what their role really is and how to act, but the society is falling apart. We are all egalitarian atomized individuals. The vital core anthropological structures have already been broken down. The pieces of it are just kept up by floating on a sea of fat, generated from the vast success of Capitalism and Industrialism. But no new fat is generated. We are sinking.

If our society is stripped "naked" of all impressive technology and achievements, it's a society in the very same sense as a primitive tribe. And the same rules apply. Humans have not genetically changed because of entering the Industrial Age. So our society is also at its core about myths, totems and taboos; social hierarchies and kinship, social symbols etc. Westerners are blinded by our very impressive achievements of the past. They think they are invincible and that there is no limit to how much they can experiment with our core social concepts. Westerners actually believe that their lands can be replaced with people of other tribes and that their societies will still remain. They have even forgotten that they are a tribe. They loathe the concept of a tribe and therefore themselves as a people. This is bound to backfire and fall apart. And from the ashes of it our great mythological narrative has to be reconstructed again.

And my belief is that we need to go to the very beginning to get it right. And in the beginning there was no Christianity, no foreign god, no inversion of values. In the great mythological narrative of Christianity only the Jews are guaranteed to exist to the end of times, and only the the Jews are important for the beginning of the narrative. That's a good story for the Jews, not for us. Germanic, Slavic, Romanic or Celitic people are completely irrelevant in this narrative. And its the fruits of this mindset that we see in the current civilizational suicide. But there is another narrative -- I'm speaking here for my people, for my tribe, the Germanic people -- in which we are the ones that made the beginning, and where we are the ones guaranteed to exist till the end of time. It's also a better narrative since it does not make the proposterous and unsustainable claims as the Christian god.

Religion is about answering many of the deeper questions of people, such as what happens after we die. But the significance of our own people, as a people, is an equally important question to be answered. We need to see ourselves as the lead charachter of the movie, as it were, or we will disintegrate. And the lead charachter cannot die halfway into the movie. We might meet our Ragnarök, but we will be there when it happens. And as we know from the narrative, it's enough with two remaining Germanic persons, Liv and Livtrasir, for a new start to happen and etrance into the new era with the new gods.

This was not the post I intended to write when I started. But it's good so I keep it :-)


Anonymous said...

The Christian narrative isn't good for the Jews, either, although many of them don't know it. When some of my well-meaning Christian Zionist allies tell me I ought to live in Israel because it was promised to the Jews, I feel like I'm being cast in someone else's really bad movie. Being chosen and a light unto the nations is a false position. The people who believe this become emotionally and politically deformed, because every little decision has to be an example for others. Even self-defense has to be "righteous." This is why Israel is going down the tubes as fast as Europe, because Jews have the same sickness as Europeans.

Conservative Swede said...


The Christian narrative isn't good for the Jews, either.

But at least it's your narrative which at least gives you a choice. For us it's definitely of no use. But to support your argument with a more extreme example: Nazism was a narrative for Germans. A particularly fatal one, which threw them into historically unmatched misery which they are still severely suffering from.

Yes, Christianity is Jewish, but in the sense that Buddhism is Hindu. I.e. firmly rooted in that tradition but no longer a nationalist religion. Islam, however, is the "perfect" imperialistic narrative, both Arabic in the nationalistic sense, and expressionistic/universal.

This is why Israel is going down the tubes as fast as Europe, because Jews have the same sickness as Europeans.I'm glad that you say that, because this is exactly my view too. And it's when I say so that I (from different directions) simultaneously get accused of being a rabid pro-Zionist and an antisemite. This is how common sense is treated in these sick times. The "wall" is a no-brainer, but when I say so I'm considered an extreme pro-Zionist (also by other "righteous" pro-Zionists). And common sense is that the "wall" is far too defensive. Anyone that has not his head stuck up in the righteous cloud knows that.

While others consider me antisemitic simply for criticizing Israel. The fact that I criticize Israel for being to weak, and that I encourage her to be tougher, is lost. It's the same when I criticize America, in the same way, which renders me the epithet anti-American. America has the very same sickness and is the very empire of that sickness. But that cannot be pointed out or the feelings of the Americans are hurt, and that's a cardinal sin in this world order.

The righteous Americans are entitled to bullying Europe into this sick world order using their superior military might, but if that is at all pointed out to them (and that they at all has a responsibility) they start crying. It's pathetic. This world is indeed run by children.

But I find among my readers a healthy undercurrent in America of true counter-revolutionaries, who do not put the glory of United States as a polity as their core identity. Death to the United States (along with the EU). Long live America!

And everybody knows it: the United States is killing America. But if I point that out the so-called tough right-wingers in America start crying. As I pointed out above in the article, what is dearest to people are their myths. And Americans holding on to these myths are useless and part of the problem, no matter how anti-Jihad they are. Quite as Bruce Bawer is useless in spite of being anti-Jihad.

People talk of overthrowing the EU. But the EU is just a side-effect of the current world order. It's NATO and the United States that we need to get rid of. How could such a obvious fact be missed? Where's the military power of the EU? How could it hold any real power? But the righteous people live in fantasy land using fantasy arguments, and are forever lost in useless babbling. And they start crying if it's pointed out to them how power really works, and that it's the guy holding the gun that call the shots.

Europeans in Europe and America alike need to free themselves from the whole current world order, the EU, NATO and the United States.

Conservative Swede said...

Should say expansionistic/universal above. Bleeding spelling-correction...

Conservative Swede said...

America has the very same sickness and is the very empire of that sickness. But that cannot be pointed out or the feelings of the Americans are hurt, and that's a cardinal sin in this world order,

Americans can far more accept the usual leftist anti-Americanism; and Communism which is a twin mindset of their own. It's when it's pointed out (from the other direction) that it's their very righteousness that is the destructive evil, that they truly go bananas.

This is the image: Foreign militaries come in and occupy your land. Sure under a pretext of dealing with a bad situation. Then staying around for decades while imposing a cultural revolution with its ensuing destruction of your society. Holding the guns while giving the orders, while pretending not to. And when its pointed out to them that they are indeed holding the guns and giving the orders, they start crying. Only someone suffering from the Stockholm syndrome could sympathize with such a pathetic reaction.

It's weird that Americans are so in love with their STATE, that they take criticism of it personally. But that's probably because they do not really have a nation. So they identify with this politicized entity instead. The lack of a nation also explains why American counter-revolutionaries turn to race identity. I do not prefer that, but consider it a good enough approximation. Any identity position countering the current order is good and useful.

Anonymous said...

How interesting that you say a race identity is an approximation. What would be better? I notice Moldbug hints at the same thing, i.e. including outstanding groups like Han Chinese and Tamil Brahmins. I know what he means, I like outstanding people of any race, and my Jewish preoccupations are mainly defensive. In other words, in a world without anti-semitism, I wouldn't process things in a Jewish way, but a generic Euro-American way.

The problem with being beyond race is, there are so many outstanding Chinese and Indians, if whites were to create a new state with them, whites would disappear. Do you have a solution to this? My solution is that every little ethnic group needs its state, but then people who are more cosmopolitan, like me, would voluntarily associate with other groups.

Conservative Swede said...

Like a Cuba Libre is an approximation of a Long Island Ice Tea. The real thing is ethnicity, the hodgepodge I'm always talking about. With race as the only identifier things can go terribly wrong. Desmond Jones at Majority Rights is an example. With white race as the only identifier it is rational to adapt Islam. We will breed and survive and wage Jihad. It would be the definite end of who we are. Hitler's mistakes belong in a similar category.

PRCalDude said...


I answered your point about Christianity/ethnicity on my blog. I've been swamped with crap to do lately, including a new job. Sorry it took so long.

Anonymous said...

Race identity is an approximation because it isn't an actual nationality. English or French or German is a nationality. "White" is not.

American used to be a nationality, but it has been diluted nearly past meaning, and those who might still fit the old definition mostly aren't even aware of it anymore. All that is left is the imperial ideological identity, which will shatter under sufficient pressure - which I believe we will experience over the next ten years or so.

There are some regional identities (for old-stock Americans, not the likes of Aztlan) that might serve as seeds for new nationalities, but Texas is the only one amounting to more than vague potential.

Afonso Henriques said...


"Westerners are blinded by our very impressive achievements of the past."

You must explore this, Conservative Swede. I'd say that more than 80% of the people in "the West" don't have an idea of how it is this way; How their only sense of right/good comes from the past, how they look to anxiously towards the future.

In one word, most "Westerners" *DO NOT* care about the present.
Yes, its true "Westerners" are the most individualistic and the most right-now-pleasure-seekers-without-thinking-of-the-future that exists.

But it is also evident how they/we don't use the present to built the future based on something past.
I mean, look to Russia and we see them building now (present) a future.
Look to the European Union and you'll see them/we anxious to create a future by making penetrate into the present...

As it is so usual when I'm speaking to you, I don't know even if I make myself understandable but, in the same logic, I look to America and see no present, little future, and a great past. Maybe because the little future one sees in America is empire building and utopianism á lá European Union (Obama). But all this is anchored in the (American) past.

Now, look back to America in the 50s. That's when they were concerned with the present, hoping for a better future. Damn, even in the crazy 60s stuff was being made in America.

By then, in Europe, we already had no present, only soissant huitard futurism-utopinaism, and a lot of fear of war. Of course people were pleasure-now-seekers, of course soissant huitards were fighting for real "improvements" in the present. But ultimately, soissant huitards were not trying to improve the present, they were trying to create a better/utopian future.

Again, I don't know if I am expressing myself so well that it actually makes any sense. But I do believe you have a lot to explore with that little phrase of yours I highlighted.

Afonso Henriques said...

I'd start Jew-bashing (no I wouldn't, I would speak about Jews) but then I got into the race thing.

It is so easy to me, man...
Honestly, I remember someone at GoV praised the BNP mantra, I believe it was Zenster:

The mantra is that they are "British". They are mainly English, Germanic and with some Celtic flavour to the mix. They favour their own, they know who they are and for what they stand for. This is ethnicity. And notice that they're not identifying as English or Welsh - which are true ethnicities. This makes this statement to fall a little in the line of English imperialism.
But it is true that the "British" share more among each other than with other peoples in so many different ways. So that "British" may perfectly be a "Meta-Ethnicity".

However, the BNP also says that it welcomes the ones who are "culturally and/or racially similar", that is White people.
White people is a code word for European people.
In this case - and I'm talking about race - what's at stake is (yes, genetically continuity apart, which I think is very important as well) merely Civilisation.
The BNP opens the door and considers "assimilable" the ones who belong "organically" to their own Civilisation.
To me, this is what race is all about.
Europe and the BNP must always prefer a very dark Greek to his neighbour who's a blond haired, blue eyed Turk.

When people identify with race in the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, etc.
They are not identifying according to biology, but according to their precieved "organic" Civilisation.

That's why in (mainly but not only) Latin America, in Catholic Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina you have Westernised although closed comunities of Lebanese Christians and who, despite endogamous marriages, apre precieved by other local Europeans as "whiter" every generation.
When they came, they were known as Turks. Today some of them are part of the local elites which almost touches the lines of a "local Traditional aristocracy".

We have to gain this back again. We have to stop demonising "white" as pure biology and coining the true implicance of it: An "organic" member of the EUROPEAN Civilisation.

Also, we have to have two identities, the ethnical/National and the broader Civilisational one.

And, to me, a lot of the problems with the Jews and Israel is that they have became white in almost every way but they simply lack, and will continue to lack, that "organic" part.

It was 100% correct to criticise the "organically white" South African appartheid regime. That was European Colonialism.
A great fair of those who criticise Israel see it as "white enough" and as a sort of European colonialism as well. But it is not criticised by 100% of the people, because Jews are not "organical members of European Civilisation".
(Damn, Jew bashing!)

I hope I was clear enough.

Kafir911 said...

"The pieces of it are just kept up by floating on a sea of fat, generated from the vast success of Capitalism and Industrialism."

And I would add: the absence of a world war. You can see how poor the UK was through the 50s and 60s, then the absence of a war sucking the wealth out of the country and dislocating its economy, started to kick in and allow living conditions to progress. Thats why we have so much wealth sloshing around (in smart cars, MPs expenses, CEO's bonuses), and its quite an un-natural position to be in for people with long memories.