Friday, May 22, 2009

Our times through the prism of LOTR

Fjordman inspired me to write this:

Mecca is Mordor and George Soros is Saruman. José Manuel Barroso is nominated as Gollum together with Gordon Brown and Sarkozy.

And Obama? He's the ring!

One Child to rule them all, One Child to find them,
One Child to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mecca where the Shadows lie.

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Rolf Krake said...

Greetings CS,

A pleasure indeed last WE in CPH.

LOTR can be intepreted as the Saga of the Western civilization.

Anyone familiar with the LOTR recognizes ourselves from the identitites, our history and our legends.

The thought that Mordor is the evil we are up against as being the Islamic Empire is almost as if it was.

I imagine Mecca as being Sauron where from his tower his watchful are searching and commanding his minions, Mordor itself, his heartland the OIC or the Islamic world.

The ring is the corruption, the corruption of power through enslavement with the seduction of collectivism, untouchable through it's transparacy to all and the beholder with the subjection of the will in exchange.

Rohan is our homeland, the great plains of Europe.

The elves, with wisdom, power and beauty, are our Jews moving to a place of their own, no longer safe among the countries of men.

Sauroman is Obama, Barroso and the other traitors once free men collaborating with evil, the leftist elite.

The Nazghul are Ghadaffi, Ahmedinejad, the house of Saud and those in power in the land of Mordor spreading terror among people.

The Hobbits are bloggers like ourselves, brave and fighting against all odds.

Minas Tirit is the United States under the spell of corruption and decay., crumbling, Aragon the returning king or the founding fathers returning it to its roots.

The Dwarfs are our industrialists suffocating from the corrupting and villified, the smithens of iron and steel.

LOTR is our legend and inspired from our ancestral roots, here where I live I went the other day to a forest where the ruins from an old stronghold can be found, Gamleborg, on top of a cliff with walls and water hole mad for defense where people sought shelter with their lifestock, in the same forest was a huge stone, 30 to 35 tons, which you could set in motion with your bare hands, rokkestenen, the legend says it was thrown in anger by a troll, who was annoyed with the noise from the churchbells, in the same forest there is also a place called Troldestauerne, with ancient monoliths and huge stones broken in two, walking through that forest brought one back to reveries and the imagination vivid with images, and it made me think of LOTR...

It surely runs in our veins and emerges in our conscience, these are our lands, our ancestral homelands and nothing should take it away from us without a fight, then at least we die with honor, but who will then tell the Saga...

Anonymous said...

I would say that Rohan is Russia, Russia is the borderland between the Europeans and Muslims, It is somewhat less civilised and warior like.

The West in general is Gondor, Europe closer resembles Gondor than USA does, unless you change Urope to the north from where the numenorians originally came.

I dont agree about Jews being the elves. The italians are the ones who should be the Elves considering their artistic contribution to the western civilisation.

Conservative Swede said...

Nice comment Russkiy with Russia as Rohan. And I'd say Oriana Fallaci is Galadriel.

Afonso Henriques said...

Well... Bar Rafaeli could be one great Jewish elf. But I think our Russian friend would find many, many Russian elves as well...

Well, I just felt to write that we'll not going nowhere because we lack, and I think we'll continue to lack, our Aragorn. Where's Aragorn? Wilders, Berlusconni, Putin?

None of them have the Aragornity to be the man for the job.
I certainly cannot see one, although Aragorn reminds me off D. Nun' Álvares Pereira.
Our problem is that there are no nobility any more.

Conservative Swede said...


Maybe Germany is Aragorn.

Afonso Henriques said...

You got me with that Con Swede. You got me. May be, indeed...