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Traian Ungureanu: "Enough is enough!"

In order to give you some more background on where the Romanian MEP candidate Traian Ungureanu stands on Islam, here is an article he wrote during the Danish cartoons affair. It was published in the newspaper Cotidianul, one of the most popular dailies in Romania. It's one of his prime pieces, reminding us well about who they are, who we are, and what it's all about. And Traian is not holding back his words. It's a pleasure reading it. Many thanks to Armance who translated the article. So here you're sent by time warp back to early 2006:

For the laughter of the civilized world
By Traian Ungureanu

It mutilated children. It found in the subway the common citizen, commuter in his way to the office, and disfigured him. It humiliated women. It persecuted fearful minds and brought to the point of desperation noble souls. For all these reasons, the fear and the horror have suffocated in us the healthy life of our conscience. But all this has happened until a day of Friday, the 30th of September 2005, when a Danish newspaper had a simple and strong idea: the daily “Jyllands-Posten” published a series of cartoons on Islamic subjects. The prophet is sitting on the top of a cloud and is shouting, overwhelmed by the endless queue of suicidal terrorists who arrive in Heaven after finishing their job: “Stop! We’ve ran out of virgins!”

Yesterday, after 5 months of indoctrination [since the cartoons had been first published], the crowds set ablaze the Danish embassies in Damascus and Beirut. In London, mobs of families with mothers in burqas, scary fathers and children diapered in suicide belts protested in the centre of the city. Their slogans: “Fuck freedom!”, “We promise you the real Holocaust”, “The enemies of Islam must be beheaded”, and a question as an offer: “Do you want again bombs in the subway?” Libya has closed its embassy in Denmark, and Saudi Arabia has called back home its ambassador. All the Islamic world, from Jakarta to Tripoli, has an outburst of fury, but has enough lucidity to follow two goals: apologies for an insult and a law of obligatory respect for the Islamic religion in the West.
Enough is enough! These sinister clowns have made too much fools out of themselves. What does this fury planned in the capitals of the Arab world want to impose on us? The concern for the good reputation of the prophet? But for that we have, all over the civilized world, laws which the Arabs should worship 5 times a day. Because it’s these laws which establish – in Denmark, in France, in England or in Romania – the right of every Muslim to worship their prophet in mosques that the believers built incessantly and without restrictions. But it’s also the laws of our countries that establish – in Denmark, in England or in Romania – that nobody has the right to silence someone who wants to ridicule, to gossip or to contradict. This is our European spirit: polite, but at the same time addicted of debates. Some of them might be pleasant, some of them not. Who wants the dark discipline of the moral police who forbids the jewels in shape of crucifixes and confiscate Bibles should leave Europe immediately (the same Europe where they learned very well to use a passport and to take advantage on the social benefits). If Europe is not good enough, they are free to feel as gods in Saudi Arabia or Iran.

I repeat: what do these apocalyptic buffoons want from us? Do they believe that they can hide into vandalism the tyranny from their own homes? More than that: Islam lives an era of offensive delirium. In Damascus, the regime took action and succeeded to blow into pieces the Lebanese ex-prime-minister. In Teheran, a fanatic has three hands, one of them to keep the vote ballots which brought him into power, the second to hold the Quran and the third to use nuclear weapons. His trick won’t deceive us. We know which hand is the false one. In Gaza, Hamas has won the elections and the Ministry of Terrorism is going to have the best team of experts. And from all these sources is flowing, in combination with oil, a hatred that is eager to stop the world from her movement and to put a burqa on her face. All these beasts of a deformed humanity want to change the values of the countries that welcomed them. The war of the Danish cartoons began because the Islamic mindset is willing to move the censorship from the Arab jailhouse to the heart of Europe.

They are the ones supposed to learn us how to live. Their visiting card is the 2002 Report of the UN Agency for Development. It reveals that in the last thousand of years the whole Arab world has translated into their language as many books as are translated in Spain in only one year. The furious ones under the green flag are actually very insecure. They know very well inside who is to blame in front of their prophet and who triggered the outburst of laughter from the pages of the Danish newspaper. Nobody ridiculed so well and so powerful the holy things as the Muslim demagogues who made of Islam a knife to behead people and a factory of bombs. We were afraid too much and the humour has liberated us. All that we needed was the pages of a Danish newspaper to go back to normality and to re-discover our sense of humour. Europeans have an unmatched civilization also because we know how to laugh: from Rabelais and Caragiale [a Romanian satirical playwright] to Hasek, the Czech who made fun as a genius of the First World War. We have re-found our specific and our humour, the one which makes the difference between us and the barbarians. Drowned in oil and economically impotent, big-mouthed and filled with weak states, the Islamic world is now a subject of laughter up to the next galaxy. When someone is making a fool of himself to such an extent, all that a person with some common sense can do is to laugh.

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Jedilson Bonfim said...

Speaking of mahoundian insecurities, don't we know that the reason why we superior infidels aren't allowed to enter Mecca and Medina is the shaky ground on which stands the theory that mahound was actually a real person, and not only a myth?

Any archeological work, any scientific inquiry that might bring out the truth would throw a spanner in the works of the surrender-to-Mahound scam; and that is something that the Saudis probably know too well and, as a consequence, they've taken upon themselves the task of shielding their sick little cult from any studies which would end up showing what a huge fraud islam is.

But other studies, such as those carried out by Dr. Gerd Puin on the Sanaa Mosque quranic manuscripts, featured at Gates of Vienna under the title "Which Koran?", might render unnecessary an archeological quest in Mahoundianism's two "holiest" places to prove that mahound never existed in the first place.