Saturday, June 13, 2009

Takuan Seiyo as Takuan Seiyo as Kevin MacDonald

As Baron Bodissey put it: the reader response to “Road Rage” post at GoV prompted Takuan Seiyo to write this: Critique of the Culture of Kevin MacDonald. Rather surprising choice to be "promted" to criticize Kevin MacDonald based on that thread, since i) Kevin MacDonald didn't participate, and ii) no one in the thread came of with ideas like MacDonald's. Instead the many intelligent commenters of GoV in that thread sounded like Takuan Seiyo in what he writes in his very good article, most of which I agree with, especially his criticism of Kevin MacDonald, something I brought up several times myself.

So Seiyo's article is good, but the rather tone-deaf aspect of it was how it was "prompted". Since the commenters in that thread sounded like Takuan Seiyo himself. Except for the ones, of course, that thought that the ones sounding like Takuan Seiyo reminded them of Kevin MacDonald. Curuiously enough, Takuan Seiyo himself belongs in both these catatgories:

  1. Takuan Seiyo sounds like Takuan Seiyo
  2. Takuan Seiyo thinks that people that sound like Takuan Seiyo reminds him of Kevin MacDonald.

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PRCalDude said...

Kevin MacDonald quotes sources that are known forgeries. I don't like him, I don't agree with what he writes.

But then, when I was trying to make points based on MY OWN experiences with Jews, I was lumped in with him and back-handedly declared an "antisemite," which is an increasingly meaningless term like "racist." Of course, this is the liberal Jewish response to any criticism of Jews. The conservative response is usually one of agreement and introspection. The latter is a quality that, frankly, all of us could stand to cultivate to a much greater degree.

I get Pamela Geller's blog feed through facebook and I frequently see conservative Jews complaining about their liberal lemming counterparts and how much they despise them. Sadly, they are only about 25% of Jews, I'd say.

And to say that Jews don't wield disproportionate influence over political and academic debate as well as over television and movies is to deny reality.

The fact that the thread ended by closing down the comments per the author's request did not make me happy at all. I'm willing to give him the benefit of doubt until I see something further from him, but I didn't like that.

The original post, from a conservative Protestant perspective, reeked of blasphemy and arrogance and corroborated the story that Jews were disproportionately Soviet henchmen.

geza1 said...

This thread illustrates one of the major roadblocks hindering a Jewish-European alliance. The inability to criticize a party for something they are clearly responsible for ensures future bad behavior from that party. Wilders being denounced by Jewish groups is not shocking. Wilders could have donated millions to Israel and built a Holocaust museum and these groups would have still reacted the same way. The activist wing of organized Jewry wish to remain outsiders but with the benefits of insiders. They wish to be participants on the dialogue about the national question but without the burden of taking responsibility for their positions; that responsibility rests on the majority ethnic group. That will not work in the longterm and only two options remain: become outsiders and remain apolitical or become insiders but take group responsibility for your actions. The failure to do so will only breed resentment even from sympathetic parties.

The problem with MacDonald isn't his facts but his overarching theory that Jews are biologically programmed to destroy white people. There was a person in the thread who did bring up MacDonald and I saw the comments that could qualify as MacDonaldesque statements. I don't agree with all of them, but they are overall pretty tame compared to some of the stuff you would find on other right wing blogs that are not judeophilic. Looking back, Takuan Seiyo should have retitled his essay to "Can Jews be criticized?"

Here's my question though, why did Takuan Seiyo have to write that comment? Why couldn't a European gentile write the same thing? This tendency to criticize Jews through a Jewish (or in this case half-Jewish) medium is not healthy for an alliance that supposedly trusts each other. If we have no problem holding Anglos responsible for neoliberalism, Americans responsible for Pax Americana, Germans responsible for WWII, the French responsible for the French Revolution, then why cannot we alteast admit to ourselves that Jews were responsible for Bolshevism? It doesn't mean we hate them, much like we don't hate America for all the trouble they have caused (and let's be honest, the damage America has done to Europe in 50 years is far worse than anything the Jews have done in Europe), but all that it means is that we want them to know that what they did was wrong, feel some shame over it, and never do it again.

Shame can be a good thing if it is channelled correctly. If many of these leftist Jewish activist groups felt a little shame, then they wouldn't lecture Europe or America on its supposed intolerance because the moral superiority just wouldn't be there. Nobody is morally superior in Europe and nobody is above criticism. If Eurocentric Jews wish to be part of the alliance it behooves them to become a little more humble. Humility will lead to honesty which will lead to greater trust among the Jewish-European alliance.

Conservative Swede said...


You're right. Laine had actually mentioned MacDonald in a comment. I had to go back and check, since Laine, together with Zenster, Czechmade and Bela, belong to the group of chauvinistically pro-American, belligerently anti-Russian and anti-German commenters (and to various degrees hostile to several other ethnic groups), that I never read anymore over at GoV.

It's people like Laine, with this kind of hostile disposition, that has brought down the quality of the discussion threads over at GoV, which is no way near as good as a year ago. I have pointed this out ad nauseum, so here is just yet another example.

And nevertheless, it remains equally weird to apply this very broad brush to deal with a single comment by Laine.

geza1 said...

"I get Pamela Geller's blog feed through facebook and I frequently see conservative Jews complaining about their liberal lemming counterparts and how much they despise them. Sadly, they are only about 25% of Jews, I'd say."

That's pretty much how Stephen Steinlight feels. He's been trying to convince his activist brethren that their stance on immigration is wrong based on the costs of immigration to the country and the fact that third world immigration is not "good for the Jews". He has no racial baggage and CIS is a mainstream immigration restrictionist thinktank yet he's been vilified by the SPLC with their Six Degrees from Hitler rationalizations and he's been blacklisted from speaking in certain Jewish venues. Even Jews who are on our side have an uphill battle to fight. Right wing Jews are our natural allies but they need to be more outspoken on this issue and confront the open borders Jews and refute their inane arguments for third worlding the West. Obviously, European gentiles should do likewise.

The Wandering White said...

Kevin MacDonald has posted a reply on his own site, "Comments on Takuan Seiyo's Screed":

Living as I do in a large American city with a considerable Jewish population, I have no question that Jews here in America have been responsible for an immense amount of damage to this country via the Socialist Party in the early 20th century, the CPUSA a little later, left-wing legal organizations such as the ACLU and the National Lawyers Guild, racial organizations such as the NAACP and AJCongress, and the so-called Civil Rights Movement. Mainstream Jews are rabidly, instinctively pro-immigration out of a feeling that all whites are potential Nazis. They want to drown their countries in Third World immigrants who they irrationally assume will share their non-white identity. Most of, if not all, the powerful Jewish organizations tend to think that any non-white is a potential ally. I have a pro-white friend from a socialist Jewish family, and she recently squarely blamed the Jews for the collapse of America.

As you have pointed out elsewhere on this blog, the decision to make negro slaves into American citizens (as well as to assign them a minimum quota of representation in State Legislatures during the Reconstruction) was the first major sign of the shift to multiculturalism in America, and it was not a decision made by Jews, nor was it a decision made on behalf of Jews. Even the liberal love of blacks who murder whites was shown in Ohio, USA by the radical abolitionist John Brown -- not a Jew, but an Anglo-Protestant, who incited slaves to murder their masters. Thus, the Anglo-Protestant abolitionist liberalism would probably have done the damage in due time, which is in stark contrast to the narrative of blue-blood paradise lost peddled by Kevin MacDonald; however, let's give the Jews credit where credit is due.

It is less than reassuring that extreme philo-Semites like Takuan Seiyo and Fjordman, as well as a stray Wahhabophile (reminiscent of pro-Iranian American paleoconservatives) like Paul Belien, are supposed to represent the staunchest opposition to white suicide, with a few pro-jihadist Nazis thrown into the mix to distract from the increasingly powerful and violent "anti-fascists", who are the equivalent of American Communist-aligned "Civil Rights activists".

As you shave written, whites are certainly doomed to be the Jews of the future.