Friday, September 14, 2007

SIOE has only praise of the police for their efforts

Recently, instead of blogging I have been writing a lot of comments at Gates of Vienna, and also some at the Brussels Journal. I have mainly written about the 9/11 Brussels demo, but also about other things. Here follows my latest comment at Gates of Vienna:

I just read SIOE's official statement. It says: "SIOE can only praise the police for their efforts."

This is completely surreal! I had accumulated quite a lot of criticism of SIOE, and they way they handled things up until the demonstration--especially the tone the used against Paul Belien, Baron Bodissey, Vlaams Belang, etc.--but decided to keep silent about it in order not to discourage this important effort, in any sort of way. Directly after the event I considered it a great success, and didn't feel much like criticizing SIOE. But now I cannot be silent any more.

The first time I reacted against the tone of SIOE was when I saw at Gates of Vienna how Stephen Gash addressed Baron Bodissey. Not only the tone, but his defensive and touchy way, made him look unprofessional. Their treatment of Paul Belien was much worse. Then at their site, whatever the issue was, they robotically repeated the SIOE policy (mainly about slogans), while expressing paranoia about how others were trying to hijack their demo (e.g. Paul Belien), all while not providing any useful information to potential demonstrators, such as time and place (not until September 5).

Now SIOE praises the effort of the police. SIOE actually supports the arrests among their own people at Luxembourg Square, spinning it as they deserved it since they didn't comply with SIOE's policy. What had e.g. the Czech guy with the flag done, according to SIOE, to make them praise the police for arresting him.

Since SIOE has only praise for the police, that includes praise for how the police brutalized the leaders of Vlaams Belang at Schumann Square.

SIOE can only praise the police for their efforts, including how they grabbed Frank Vanhecke by the balls.

SIOE can only praise the police for their efforts, but has only criticism for Vlaams Belang and Gates of Vienna.

SIOE has shown us that they are completely out of touch with reality. It's unimaginable to me by now, that the next demo would be held in the name of this organization. It's conceivable to me that all this junk has been written by Stephen Gash. But where was Anders Gravers then to stop him? Very bad leadership indeed.

Update: Several comments with criticism, of the same kind, have been added in this thread at Gates of Vienna.

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Sagunto said...

I know of several people who actually where arrested when Gash c.s. were focussing on the media, and these people are furious about the way they were let down by the SIOE 'organizers'.

They also don't practise what they preach (freedom of speech) on their site. Censorship rules supreme so the EU should actually hire these guys (espec. Gash).

Example (what follows is a little bit of ctrl/v of what I wrote to Paul Belien):
*** *** ***
Saw some uncomplimental remarks by someone of the SIOE org. about your articles on the upcoming 9/11 demo in Brussels. I was really amazed to read such accusations like:

"..There have been parties who have tried, and still try, to hijack the demonstration for their own purposes.
For example we can see that Paul Belien’s attempts to fragment the demonstration iby encouraging people to meet in a certain places in Brussels for a minute’s silence for the victims for 9/11 terrorist attack or even to celbrate his birthday.."

So I decided to comment on the following statement:

"..our movement really is a thorn in the eye of these politicians who have invited the Moslems (and thereby Islamist Kilifascists) into Europe, and these same politicians now work on extending the EU to the Islamo-Arab world. The “Euro-Mediterranean” co-operation.
Therefore, they’ll do everything in order to break up a movement like ours.."

My comment:
- So direct your warning at those politicians then, instead of against Paul Belien who's going out of his way to report on the SIOE 9/11 demo. Seems like you're barking up the wrong tree (again) if I may say so.

This simple comment was immediately banned and did not appear on the SIOE site.
I wonder what they actually mean by 'our movement' ;-)
*** *** ***

Kind regards from Amsterdam