Sunday, September 23, 2007

More Modoggie flags

Paul at certainly took me on the word when I said "Join the art project!" There is an endless stream of new contributions coming from Paul. Here is a thing he sent me, made by one of the guys at TheMightyRighty, the animated Modoggie flag:

Modoggie creations by Paul, who is bubbling with creativity:

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James said...

Look, conservativeswede, I know you want to keep entries for this rolling in, but I really must insist that the five naked blond girls win this contest. I don't know what the contest is about, but all I know is they must win. I insist.

Really, conswede. I. Must. Insist.

But seriously- just found your site a few weeks ago. You are one brave mofo to be what you are there. Consider a friend in this American.


James Versluys