Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Join the art project!

Here is something I did together with Baron Bodissey yesterday:

Join the Art Project!

The Öland Modoggie Free Speech FlagLars Vilks’ Modoggies are an art project of his, and have been all along. Vilks is a modernist and sees the interaction with the audience as more important than the artwork as such. Thus he considers Ahmadinejad’s statement that “Zionists are behind such a dirty job” and Al Qaeda’s death threats as part of his artwork, as well as other reactions such as comments at his blog.

By putting this image on the sidebar of you blog, or as your avatar in a forum, or somewhere else on the web, you will also become part of Lars Vilks’ art project. By displaying the Modoggie flag you will not only support free speech, but actually exercise it!

The flag this time is not the Swedish flag, because — considering the cowardly behavior of the Swedish Prime Minster, as well as some Swedish companies — it’s not clear that it’s Sweden that should be supported. But there is a transformative process going on in Sweden that definitely should be supported. And we do so with a flag that is close enough to the Swedish flag for making such a connection. Close enough for Islamic fanatics to burn such a flag in Pakistan, and this is also how this flag became part of Vilks’ work of art. The flag — that is in fact the flag of the Swedish island Öland — is already emerging as a symbol of freedom of art and a free press, as well as of Islamic stupidity. And it fits the idea of being part of movement for creative freedom.

Lars Vilks sees Ahmadinejad’s and Al Qaeda’s reactions as comedy. I suggest that we, by displaying this image, follow Vilks’ example of speaking softly while carrying a big cartoon.

A playful, comic approach on our side.

Rage and death threats on their side.

Illuminating contrasts, just as the big thing at the Brussels demo was the illuminating contrasts.

Come on join this art project!

Put up the Modoggie flag and be part of Lars Vilks’ artwork yourself. Support and exercise free speech at the same time!

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Mrs. EntryReqrd said...

CS, I am glad Baron and yourself are getting things rolling. Good Work.

In the next few days I am going to see if I can come up with something Modoggie for Ahmadinejihad's UN visit.

Can you believe the freak actually wanted to go to ground zero for a photo op?

Nils Dacke said...

I fully support what "Muslims Against Shariah" say but I am more than a bit confused by the name of that blogg. To me that name is somewhat of an oxymoron. As I understand it, Shariah is an integrated part of Islam according to Sunni and Shia law schools. It is thus not possible to be Muslim and against Shariah. Hopefully maintain your resistance to Shariah and take the step to become ex-Muslims.

To a certain extent I agree with C.S. on the idea of using humour as a weapon against the Islamists. However, that is far, far from enough. From the ongoing debate generated by the Modoggies it is glaringly obvious that the majority of so called intellectuals and politicians lack basic understanding of Islam's core tenets.
Spreading of knowledge about Islam must thus be given high priority.

Incognito said...

Thank you for this, I am using it as my blogger avatar and have posted it in my sidebar.

Nils, it is possible to be a Muslim and not adhere to the idea of Sharia. I would call those secular Muslims and though not that many, they do exist. Just as it is possible to be a Christian and not believe in taking communion or being baptized etc.

Red Squirrel said...

Hello from the UK!
I have been reading your sites with a great deal of interest, and have learned so much.
The Art Project is a great Idea, well done. I used to be pretty good at lampooning my friends with cartoons, and ideas for Motoons are endless. I have your banner and link on my site.
Hail Odin! Hail Thor! Hail your site!

Kafir Canada said...

Conservative Swede,

I've place in the sidebar of my new blog the Art Project image.

Since your a Kafir Con. , C. Swede, I hope you'll come look at it, Kafir Canada.


Conservative Swede said...

Kafir Canada, Red Squirrel, Incognito, Nils Dacke and Paul,

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support! Every day I see more examples of how this meme is spreading. It's really cool.

John Hudson said...

May Allah kill you upon kufr, and drown you at the bottom of the hellfire, and may you be killed the death of the film maker, and may the next film maker be the death of your nation and you wicked ideology. Oh Allah kill this person.Oh Allah destroy these people.

Anonymous said...

Posted this on my sidebar.

Thank you and good luck with your project!

Common Sense said...

Mr. Hudson, Point well made....

Neo said...

Seems like people who have commented on this page alongwith lars vilks are mentally sick. they will surely burn in hell.

Anonymous said...

Not really. People who believe that a slave trading warlord from the middle ages that raped and committed paedophilia part time can have anything to do with the divine are mentally ill. Or that a profit(read as prophet) would mention that he has the virility of 30 men.