Saturday, September 15, 2007

Comments at Gates of Vienna

Since I'm so active over there, I go tired of searching manually for new comments at Gates of Vienna. So I constructed this page, which automatically shows new comments at GoV:

You are welcome to use it too. It's very useful.

Recently I have commented in the following threads at GoV:

About the Brussels 9/11 Demo:
A Demonstrator’s Photos
2 comments. About the demo and how the skinheads had been planted.
The Next SIOE Demonstration: Marseille
4 comments. Strongly arguing against going to Marseille. Discussing other possible locations.
Democratic Europe R.I.P.
4 comments. Answering Paul Weston's ideas of the need of a softer approach then the one of SIOE.

Critique of Gash and Gravers:
Yorkshire Miner’s Report From Brussels
1 link to my previous blog post. Interesting for the strong criticism of Gash and Gravers by SIOE protesters, and for the answer by Gash.
A Flemish Reader’s Report
Same as above.
The Press Conference at the European Parliament
A reflection about Gash/Gravers and free speech.

About America/European pissing contests:
This One Takes the Prize
Jesus Christ Supercop accuse Dymphna for engaging in a pissing contest. I disagree and provide perspective by making the comparison with the knee-jerk American chauvinism that is prevailing at the Brussels Journal.
It’s Come to This
Phanarath claims that Baron Bodissey is handing out "candy bars" for American chauvinists in his article. I disagree again and connect it to above discussion.
Hooray! The Americans Got Spanked!
Here the discussion gets really interesting. I explain to Robohobo the dynamics of America/Europe relations and why American troops should be removed from Europe. Baron Bodissey joins in and complements my picture with a daddy/kid analogy.
The Press Conference at the European Parliament
Zerosumgame starts a real pissing contest, and I take him to task for it.

I've been commenting at the Brussels Journal too. In spite the high quality of the actual site, it's comments section has become a haunt of the most primitive sort of American jingoism. Here are two examples:

The Quest for the Truth. Constantly Searching
Starting as a very interesting discussion between me and Paul Belien. Which inspired me to line out the historical dynamics between America and Europe. Ending in a shitfest once the BJ-commenters mob takes over.
Some Reflections on the Failure of Political Leadership in Britain
Here an expansion of Sean Gabb's critique of Western political leadership by introducing Burke's idea of a mixed constitution goes the same way once the BJ mob enters.

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