Thursday, June 18, 2009


Midsummer is coming up. Time for a break.

Make sure to look 7:00 and forward, for a traditional, and typical! :-), Swedish Midsummer celebration.

[End of posting for a while]


50 said...

This looks like they had a lot of fun. It looks like they had a common identity and culture that they could all identify with and enjoy; I hope Swedes regain this lost world.

Afonso Henriques said...

Hey Swede, you understand Spanish, right?

I remember some time ago you developed an interest about the Germanic conquest and impact on Hispania. I found this very short, informative and simple to understand video in Spanish:

It has the Roman divisions of Hispania (not much to due with ethnicity though) as well.

Just keep in mind:
Vandalos = Vandals
Suevos = Suebi
Alanos = Alans (Ossetians?)
Visigodos = Visgoths

I can't help it but find very interesting the main cities of the Northwestern Suebi Kingdom:

Bracara (the Suebi's capital, modern Braga, third Portuguese city)
Portucale (mordern Porto, from where the name Portugal comes from, second Portuguese biggest city)
Lucus (modern Lugo, in North-Central Galiza)
Iria (Modern Iria, a little city. The only Catholic Arcebishop that was never conquered by muslims, it lies little to the North of Santiago de Compostela, which is little to the North of Vigo, main Galician city, closer to Portugal then to other Galician cities)
Conimbriga (modern Coimbra, fourth Portuguese city and considered "the most Portuguese city in character"; Main city of Central Portugal)
Aurica (modern small city in Galiza)
Asutrica (modern Astorga, in León, Spain.)
Olissipo (modern Lisbon)

I just couldn't help it.

Anonymous said...
Highschool graduation party from Moldova. Anyway, we are suffering of that syndrome I was describing that all the West is cool and trendy, which makes all this uncool. I was in the Romanian traditional music and dances suck boat until recently. lol