Friday, April 24, 2009

Unbelievable dancing

Unbelievable, even impossible? Definitely not normal.

Have fun, watch and enjoy. It's Friday night.

It's hilarious!

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Anonymous said...


CS: The above is a new blog you may like. It's a philosophical take on Jewish history, and when I read it I thought, this is what you would write if you were Jewish.

Conservative Swede said...

What I would write if I were Jewish... That's such a lovely presentation. I will have to check it out :-)

Afonso Henriques said...


How've you been Conservative Swede?
I happen not to have been much in the blogosphore whereas National or Internattional. I just regularly check out Brussels Jornal (damn, Takuan Seyko and even Bertaunnau are great) one local blog about Russia and merely try to lay an eye sometimes to Gates of Vienna.

And man, multiculturalism has some nice things. For instance, with this video, I managed to make a muslim go to your blog and exclaim "Awessome!".

And about multiculturalism and entretaining dancing...
Man, you can take a look to this:
I do not guarantee you will like it, but it is the product of the artistic trip to Angola of Buraka Som Sistema and M.I.A..
MIA I'm not well aware how to define her but she's a famous "British" dance music something.
Buraka are a Portuguese group composed of one Portuguese and three "Afro-Portuguese" living in Portugal who took the name of a local semi-no-go area and started producing a mix of European electronic music and newly (but already) typical African sound and dance styles.
They have made a whole lot of a success.

Again, multicultarism has some good points. But I'm still believing it takes more than it gives (in terms of good).
And man, Angola does have a lot of potential. You will see South Africa becoming a hell-hole and you'll see Angola continually rising in everything. You'll see. This is already a part of "Angolan" National culture. It appears it has been really successfull in creating a National culture.