Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just a note

I think I might have found myself a new career in the entertainment business (and while I'm at it I'd like to affirm my recognition to black culture for their wonderful and essential contributions to music and dancing). So I might not be able to blog so much. Expect me to come back at an irregular basis.

What I just wanted to say is that when I get the time to write again I will have several positive things to say about Baron Bodissey and Gates of Vienna. Baron Bodissey gained a lot of respect from me. Not mainly for reconsidering, but for the whole way he handled the situation. I had directed very pointed critique at him, but he handled it respectfully and decently as someone honestly interested in intellectual discourse. This should be contrasted with the actions of Lawrence Auster (which you can read about below in the blog). The View from the Right blog has lost much of my respect.

Another thing, after my "I'm an island" post many people concluded that I had given up and also that I said that Western civilization is doomed. But I didn't say that Western civilization is doomed. The point is that I do not care anymore. I'm leaving the destiny of the Western civilization to the people of the two Christianities. I'm leaving the mess that they create for themselves, for themselves to sort out. And by the emails and other comments I get, it's clear that my island is becoming populated. If I get the time to blog more regularly again, I'm sure it would be crowded. The end of the West is not the end of European civilization, no more than the end of the Roman empire was the end of European civilization. From this island we will watch the civilization of the two Christianities falling apart (this reflects an attitude rather than a prediction), while getting prepared for building the third generation of European civilization, Rebuilding Rome with sugar on the top.

I get comments from people nowadays of how great they think it is to meet a person that is so completely happy, and how I spread happiness around me. I have found balance in my life, and unfortunately right now it does not allow for too much blogging. But don't worry, the things I have to say can be equally well said a few months from now.

Paul Belien also won my sympathy. I can see myself in him. And it's great with comments as the one from Phanarth from Denmark, who completely gets what I'm saying. He writes at GoV:

Your voice has been unique. I have never seen anyone like you who understood how most of the things American conservatives blame Europe for are in fact imports from America. You are one of the very few who see things clearly and can also explain it in an understandable way.
I hope Phanarath would send me an email to conswede (at) mailbolt.com like so many others of those who gets me.

There also an endless stream of golden nuggets sent to me by Geza, that should be shared with the world.

Update: Lawrence Auster commented again at his site, and while he himself is often blind to a good sense of humour (and in general blind to many things that do not relate to his ego), his posts have been getting increasingly funnier, and now they are absolutely hilarious. Me and Political Junkie had a good laugh over Auster's pompous silliness, and his new career as a Freudian Guru.
Anyway, Auster doesn't get what I'm saying, and he doesn't even try. Who cares anymore?

Update 2: I have written a post regarding Auster's reaction to my comment in the first paragraph: On black culture, Islam and "moral thinking"

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geza1 said...

Great post Conservative Swede. Hope you drop by again sometime.

The reason why Auster doesn't seem to "get it" or even try to get it is because he is constrained in the ideological box of Christian conservatism and Americanism. Europe is much more than Christianity and liberal democracy. It doesn't really need either to remain Europe. Of course, if it was replaced by Islam and sharia, it would also cease to be Europe as well. It is possible to be against the political power and appeal of Christianity and Anglo/American democracy and still be pro-Europe. The New Right is against both and they clearly care about the future of Europe, surely moreso than the spiteful neocons and paleocons.

I see Auster brought up the Jewish God quote again. I hope he doesn't take it as a slam against Jews or himself because it clearly is neither. Repeating what I told you in our emails, this is why your comment about Europeans worshipping a unversalist God with Jewish origins is signficant:

Race/peoplehood has a cosmic signficance in Judaism and paganism. It has zero signficance in Christianity, with the exception of the Jews ironically enough. In Judaism and Christianity, the Jews will survive until the end times. The same cannot be said about the Germans, Italians, Slavs, Spaniards, etc. Moreover, it doesn't even matter in Christianity. Jews or Jewish Christians can be more confident that the West will prevail because psychologically they know that they will continue to exist, but with the depletion of religious and cultural paganism, Western Europeans are not so certain.

Liberalism in all of its forms or even Christianity may drive Jews to the edge of cultural suicide, but their strong sense of peoplehood will save them in the end. Judaism engenders ethnocentricism, Christianity does not with the possible exception being Orthodoxy but even that Christian tradition will not save Western Europeans because it only preserves language, not race and culture.

Western Europeans do not need to worship Wotan in order to regain their strong sense of peoplehood, but an emphasis the pagan past in the cultural and political sphere would do more to preserve the West than Christianity ever did. The history of Europe did not begin with Christianity and its civilizational success was not primarily because of Christianity. If that were so, then we'd be seeing magnificent cultural achievements in non-European Christian countries and Christian Greece would be more impressive culturally than pagan Greece.

Liberalism could disappear tomorrow and Christianity would still have problems dealing with the Islam problem because it falls into the Abrahamic and civilizational trap by recognizing Islam as a legitimate competitor worthy of respect whereas paganism is not despite it being far more authentic and far more impressive culturally than Islam will ever be.

Conservative Swede said...

Thanks Geza,

Sure, I plan on continuing dropping by. And at some point writing more intensively again.

The things you write about Christianity, Europe, Paganism and Judaism is very insightful and important. Brilliant!

However, I'm not very impressed by the New Right which you mention.

Conservative Swede said...

I see that John Savage has linked to me and written about it. He takes the example of Geza's of the New Right (as being a way of being pro-European with subscribing to Christianity and Americanism), and thinks it is a clue to understanding me. It's not. Alain de Benoist hasn't been an inspiration for me. I only read him very recently, and while there are interesting things in what he says, there are too many sides resembling of the backsides of paleocons and leftists.

Furthermore Savage refers to me as a "European nationalist". For what nation may I ask?

Conservative Swede said...

I read through John Savage's post once again, and I see it was more nuanced than I gave it credit for in my previous reply. So there is a point in the search that Savage is doing, there is this phenomenon in Europe (which is of course bigger than my island).

But the title is "ConSwede Finding a Following on European New Right" and this is not so nuanced, and not an accurate description. While there are people coming from this direction that takes an interest in me, there are as well Americans with a deep interest in our Greek-Roman heritage, as well as other types of people.

There are of course connections between me and the European New Right, but I do not like the way they tie things together. Savage writes how "Benoist harshly condemns America and seems to wish the worst for America". This is alien to me and a sign of weakness and slave morality. I do not condemn America, and I wish the best for them, but I would like to see European isolationism and "separationism" towards America. Americans love boast about how they came and "saved" us twice, and equally love to threaten Europeans that they won't do it again. I just wish they would keep that promise. That would be great. Even better would be if we get ourselves some proper armies and pushed the American troops out of our continent.

But (politcal) Europe of today is just an appendix to (political) America. It's all connected together in what is called Western civilization. I'm not condemning or fighting against Western civilization. I have just jump off that train, while waiting for it to self-destruct.

rekordårsbarn said...

Congratulations on your elevation to the entertainment industry.

I suppose you are not going to front a pop group or start a career as crooner like Mel Brooks in "High Anxiety", but that you will become a manager.

Am I right? I also guess it won't be for a rap group (outfit), but rather for a German rock group like Einstürzende Neubauten, Die Toten Hosen oder Rammstein.

I can envision you looking like a pimp from Berlin in black leather jacket and greasy combbacked hair. Very cool.

Conservative Swede said...


"Mel Brooks" is closest to the truth, I guess. Rap music and Rammstein are degenerated signs of a culture in decline. And a leather jacket is such a sorry cliché.

The best of the entertainment business came in the '30s-'50s. E.g. the swing.

Conservative Swede said...

This is how to dress cool, as far as I'm considered:

rekordårsbarn said...

I used to dress like that when I was around fifteen (except for the hat), trying to look middle age. Perhaps when one can say that it's the other way around nowadays. Though I look swell in a suite.

But in my line of work it would be overdressing, so I dress in a decadent, not too stylish way.

So you're gonna be a singer.
I have a very, very broad taste in music and I know the lyrics to for instance "Music for Swinging Lovers" almost by heart.

Yesterday I watched a program about World War II singer Ulla Billqvist on TV, and I've played "La Mer" with Charles Trenant a lot this summer. Thanks to that decadent Bertolucci film "The Dreamers" and of course reminiscences of "Das Boot".

How's that for "broad taste"?

I also love the soundtracks of the Woody Allen films.

rekordårsbarn said...

P.S. I look swell in a suit too!

Conservative Swede said...

Some singing, some playing, some dancing, some managing.

rekordårsbarn said...

It's to me interesting that although I'm nostalgic about Henry James (turn of the former century), and for times when I didn't exist, the midwar years, when my parents were born, I still have this baby boomer generation attachment to the flower power era. It brings back such great memories. I was for instance denied buying haschish i Båstad in the summer of '71 because on my jeans jacket I had an anti-Communist button. There was in those days potsmoking Young Americans for Freedom and even, if it's not a joke, "Hippies for Welch", that is,
hippies for John Birch Society (of which actually was a member).

Anonymous said...

I need to have this moment in my life too because I'm 'demotivated'. I agree with you about fashion though - today's fashion is crap, even though I do use parts of it and try to make it feminine. I would like to be able to dress like Audrey Hepburn without seeming ridiculous(I have the cigarette holder though :P).