Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The coffee klatch has judged me

It all started with Lawrence Auster and his "Chicken Little" reaction to my pointed criticism. Unlike real men, such as Baron Bodissey, Auster reacted with a whole stream of cry-baby whining about how I was rude, hostile, aggressive, insulting, etc., etc. And then continued with his coffee klatch Freudian psychobabble.

Now Vanishing American joins the coffee klatch at John Savage's Brave New World, writing:

[Conservative Swede] visited my blog once and left a sort of snarky comment mentioning Christianity negatively; I don't remember the substance of it.
To which John Savage replies:
VA, I'm sorry that CS was rude to you. I understand why he probably would be, and I won't be surprised if he ends up doing the same to me.
The coffee klatch has already judged me. But let's have a look at what I actually wrote at Vanishing American's site. VA had published Fjordman's article "A Christian Background for Political Correctness?", where I was mentioned. And I made the following comment, and VA answered.
Conservative Swede:
For those interested in the discussions I had with Fjordman, about the role of Christian ethics, I invite you to read my blog: Conservative Swede. Is Christian ethics truly a major force behind the suicide of our civilization?

Vanishing American:
Conservative Swede, interesting blog. I agree with much of what you say.
However I think the problem is not Christianity per se but the modern, liberalized variation of it, [...]
So this is what was really said. But what does truth matter to a coffee klatch? And the thing is that when a coffee klatch has turned against you, there's no way you can get it right, no way to obtain redress. When you describe how ludicrous their claims of your rudeness are, they will take this as the decisive evidence of how they are right about you. They stick together. and emotions and group identity are more important than truth.

Update: John Savage decided not to join the coffee klatch.

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Baron Bodissey said...


It's good to be known as a "real man". ;)

Conservative Swede said...

Cheers Baron,

Welcome to my blog!

Christian Soldier said...

But you're not a Christian, you're a Roman Catholic a.k.a. heathen.