Thursday, June 21, 2007

Islam—perverted parasitical psychopathy

[For those of you who haven't studied the Koran and the Hadiths, you are not prepared for this article. Remedy this by first reading this introduction by Ali Sina.]

I see how the other people involved in this discussion, one way or the other, are all groping for a proper description of Islam. But they all fail. This holds true both of those whose intuitive grasp of Islam is of the right kind, as well as for those who are utterly clueless. And without the proper terminology, their reasoning is bound to lead them all wrong.

Islam has been described e.g. as "nihilistic" and "anti-mind", but in the next sentence modern liberalism is described using the same words (may I add to this list of "similarities" that both Islam and liberalism are words ending with the letter "M"?). A courageous attempt to capture the essence of Islam is to describe it as a "supremacist warrior ideology of plunder and submission". But even that is not even close. This is a label that can arguably be put on numerous civilizations in our history, none of which are even close to being as bottomlessly horrid as Islam, some of which were not all that bad. The most popular word used to describe Islam seems to be "evil". But since it seems to be equally popular to describe modern liberalism, or some other Western ideology, as "evil" in the next sentence, this makes the meaning of the word evil collapse, as if matter meets anti-matter, and the word completely loses its meaning for this purpose.

What is Islam? Islam is all about Muhammad. Muhammad is like the evil scientist who understood well the deepest secrets and inner functions of the human nature, and used this knowledge to dehumanize his followers, and create the most perverted, parasitical and destructive movement, maximally possible. Muhammad was a sexually perverted psychopath, but a psychopath with an unparalleled intuitive intelligence, which he used to create Islam. Islam which is a set of social formulas, tailored with such skill, to create an ever growing giant movement of psychopathy, spreading its parasitical perversion even 1400 years after the death of its creator. There is no single historical person having had such influence, over so many people, so long time after his death, as Muhammad. The dream of many scientists in the history of mankind has been to invent a perpetuum mobile. Muhammad has succeeded best so far. The satanic "machine" he invented, Islam, is still untiringly running, 1400 years later, parasitically destroying everything that comes in its way.

Muhammad understood that sex and fear are the keys to total mind control of a human society. He combines them skillfully. Below follows a description of one of the many formulas carefully tailored, using these elements, by the skillful psychopathic mind of Muhammad. But there are many more. Everything is perverted in Islam, down to the smallest aspects of every-day life. All meticulously regulated in the Hadiths.

While the Muslim society is deprived of any hopes for natural human inclinations regarding sex and sensualism, Islamic warfare is full of promises and guarantees for Muslim men. Driven by pent-up sexual lust and fear of hell, the Muslim warriors fight till they die, or till they win. If they die, they are guaranteed a place in Islamic heaven, where 72 voluptuous virgins are waiting for them in an eternity of lustful sex. And there is wine too. There are also "pearly boys" for those who are such inclined (Muhammad thought of everything). If they win, they are free to take as many "right hand possessions" as they like. "Right hand possessions" is Islamic lingo for female sex slaves (conquered by the sword). Apart from the four wives, a Muslim may have as many female sex slaves as he wants.

So engaging in Jihad is a win-win situation for the sexual lust of frustrated Muslim men. Regardless of the outcome, warfare will provide them with an abundance of casual sex. Sex without emotional ties, with women (many women!) who never say no, whom they can do anything they like with, including raping them. Islam is a religion with the spirituality of a porno movie. And quite as a porno movie, the religious message of Islam will play in the minds of the Muslim men, motivating them to engage in warfare, motivating them while waging war. The other motivating force is the fear of hell. And with an unintelligible god as Allah, there is no way to know for sure otherwise how to avoid hell. The only ones that are guaranteed a place in heaven are the warriors that die in battle. So even after plenty of lustful sex, raping their conquered female sex slaves, there is still a motivation for Jihad warriors to go back to battle. Muhammad thought of everything. Islam reduces Muslim men to penises, and these penises forever point in the direction of holy war.

It is important to understand that for Muslims, heaven and hell are very real places, taken fully literally. Hell is a place where molten lead will be poured over their faces, so that their bellies and skin will be melted. They will be tormented forever with fire, wearing garments of fire, And when their skin is burned off, a fresh skin will be provided, and he torment starts anew. Muslims are paralyzed with fear of Islamic hell. Both heaven and hell a places more real to a Muslim than the earthly life.

I will have reason to come back to the pivotal position of sexual perversion in Islam. Its way of explicitly encouraging things as pedophilia or cutting the clitorises off the women. How the Hadiths regulate things as the shaving of Muslima pussies. That it's OK to sodomize an infant, and to mix animal excrements in food. There are many of these "more complex truths" in Islam for Jim Kalb to ponder upon.

Islam is tailored to bring out the worst animally savage side out of male sexuality, likewise with criminal psychopathic blood-thirsty behavior against non-Muslims. While women are reduced to cattle, without human value, whose only purpose is to serve the animally savage sex lust of the men and, more importantly, as breeding machines.

There is much more to be said of how to properly characterize Islam, but this will have to serve as a start and a background for the continuing discussion. I have come to a point where I have a lot of things to say, for which a proper description of Islam serves as the background. So stay tuned.


Jason Pappas said...

I admit I was classifying Islam not defining it. A classification positions Islam among other problematic social endeavors. A definition uniquely singles out the essence of Islam. The latter is quite ambitious as it is a total ordering of the distinctive nature by its central element. It not only identifies valid distinctive attributes (as you did above) but illustrates the power of those attributes to explain and order the rest. This isn’t easy and I haven’t attempted such a ambitious task; but I’ll consider yours in the meantime.

S1000+ said...

This is an extremist opinion.
The trouble of the "west" against Islam is Economy. The leading Protestant west is happy to deal with communists, atheists, Buddhists, but not with Islam. The Banking system might be at complete risk if Islam is implemented, simply because it does not accept that black people die of hunger in USA, while Bill Gates enjoys his 80 billion dollars, etc. Islam means a new banking system from scratch with human dimension. That is the main threat to the west. They accept all people to be Buddhists as long as the Banking system ( and consequently the existing Corporate ) are in good health. "Mohammad is evil". I feel very sorry for the sick mind of the author.

Steven Luotto said...

Ciao Sumerian.

The black people in the USA, just by themselves would be the tenth richest nation on the planet.

The Islamic decree against usury was (along with Cons. Swede's "sexual" considerations one of the reasons for Islam's great expansion 100 years after the death of Mo. Become a Muslim and you no longer had to pay your debts.

But today that Banking system is a complete failure and not even practices in most Islamic countries.

You are more likely to find black people dying of hunger in Saudi Arabia.

As far as I'm concerned "Mohammad" was indeed quite evil, one might even say "satanic."... Islam is pure primitive rationality... It is the most unreligious of all the religions. But unlike liberalism, it is at least not suicidal. Perhaps that is what Mr. Kalb meant.

Conservative Swede said...

Jason Pappas,

It not only identifies valid distinctive attributes (as you did above) but illustrates the power of those attributes to explain and order the rest.

You express it really well here. You understand what I'm trying to get at. It is a strenuous effort, making explicit and defining the essence of Islam. And I will get the usual shooting the messenger treatment, from people who do not know Islam, from people who do not know, and from those who have a vested interest in not having the essence of Islam verbalized.

We have commenter Sumerian who says that my article is an "extremist opinion". While no opinion has been expressed. I have only describe Islam for what it is, based on its own sources. But of course, Sumerian is a guy who thinks that Islam means a banking system with a human dimension. Who's got the sick mind? I guess Sumerian is either a Muslim or an anti-globalist, or the kind, who maybe some day will convert to Islam.

I get the same treatment when I verbalize the meaning and consequences of the Second Vatican Council. When I point out that Vatican II states that the Jihadists adore the same god as Steven, I get to hear that this is my extremist opinion. This is a convenient way to keep the mind totally blocked: to shoot at the messenger.

James Kalb said...

You sent an email, so I looked in on your discussion.

Years ago, before the various revolutions, civil wars and foreign interventions began there, I spent two years teaching mathematics in a high school in provincial Afghanistan. I speak one of their languages (Persian) and used it in the classroom. I've also read some about Islam and reflected on it as an overall system.

None of that makes me an expert but it does give me some impressions of Islam that I'm inclined to stick with in preference to what you say.

My impression, then, is that the basic appeal of Islam is the absolute power, presence and transcendence of God, and the possibility of knowing his will and aligning with it by entering into his service. Those beliefs give life a center, justification and dignity based on connection to something infinite, and they make one part of a universal brotherhood that includes all those who share them.

I agree there are many bad things about Islam. I think though it's a mistake to say the bad things are the reason it's had so many stubbornly devoted adherents for the better part of two thousand years. Most of those adherents have had no personal connection to jihad, for example, and so haven't been motivated by whatever rewards mojaheddin are thought to get.

The West has had to live with Islam for 1400 years, and it's likely we'll have to do so for a long time to come. We'll deal with that situation better if we know what we're dealing with. Something as basic and long-lasting as our relation to another civilization needs to be understood not only from a partisan standpoint but also from a more philosophical standpoint that asks what there is of human value in the opposing civilization that enables it to endure. To do otherwise is to reject the West. Think of how the Greeks represented their national enemies (in the Iliad or Greek drama or Herodotus for example) or how Thomas Aquinas presented the arguments of his opponents.

Jason Pappas said...

I get the same problem on my blog. It becomes tiresome to explain the same points to those either totally ignorant about Islam or who are deliberately lying. I've started to delete such comments. It's important that a few of us go into the problem with greater depth instead of continually repeating the basics to an unsympathetic audience. Ignore them and continue to plow deeper.

Conservative Swede said...

Jim Kalb,

Thank you for your reply. I will have reason to give a lengthy answer to this. But it's already late over here, so for now I confine myself to a shorter question for you:

Where do you see the contradiction between the description in my post and the experience you had in Afghanistan? I don't see any. What in your observations do you see as excluding the possibility of Islam being a cult in the way described by me? (I will have reason to come back to how things have to be investigated to find out the essence of Islam.)

You also seem to apply your moral standards of good and bad to the issue of whether something "works". You seem to think that if it's bad--bad to the core--it cannot work. I consider this a very misguided way of thinking. A system can work very well, even if it is bad into its essence, according to your or mine moral standards.

DaleinAtlanta said...

Swede: Hi, I think you're definitely on the right track.

I'm surprised you know about the "Ghilman"; I've been telling people about this for 20 years, and they think I'm crazy; when I prove it to they get all uncomfortable, and want to change the subject!

Conservative Swede said...


Hi, I think you're definitely on the right track.

Thanks. You know from real experience of course. But these sort of truths are to hard to take in by Western Christians (secular or otherwise) whose doctrines commands them to see everything in a Quixotic haze. Take for example the tender soul of Lawrence Auster, and his reaction to this article:

Auster: "This seems awfully extreme, cartoonish, taking elements of Islam and then turning up the volume to the maximum. If Islam were as pathological as you say, how could it have functioned and supplied the order of societies for all these centuries?"

Well duh! Of course it's awfully extreme and cartoonish. This is Islam. This is how it really is.

Dale: I'm surprised you know about the "Ghilman"; I've been telling people about this for 20 years, and they think I'm crazy; when I prove it to they get all uncomfortable, and want to change the subject!

Well, I have read the Koran. It's right there. But in my translation it said "pearly boys". And we find more about this side of Islamic culture here.

The when reading about the Muslim heaven in the Koran, it's full of fruits. Fruits long and short, up and down, bananas and oranges in long lines. I think this might have been impressive 1400 years ago. But as I told a Jihadist on the web (which I was teasing), I live in Sweden and I can have any number of women and fruits that I want right here in this life. Only a real sucker would become a martyr for the sake of all those fruits.

awake said...

"Only a real sucker would become a martyr for the sake of all those fruits."

You forgot the rivers of wine that do not intoxicate you.

Actually, only a twisted, depraved, and false ideology would sexually repress all its adherets in life yet reward murder for Allah and subsequent martyrdom with endless sex with eternal virgins.

DaleinAtlanta said...

Swede: sorry I had to disappear on you.

The wife and 3 daughters forced me to drop my project and take them to see "Hellboy II", by the same director as "Pan's Labyrinth"; a visually stunning movie actually, and with a bit of levity; doesn't take itself too seriously, which is good for its genre.

There will be a Part III, that is obvious.

Ah, the "Ghilman" or "Wuldan" (pl. in Arabic); yes "pearly boys" is a good connotation of the whole Muslim concept of the Greek Pais-Erastus pederasty!

And as typical of Islam, the "Shaheed" who goes to Paradise, gets 72 "Houris" (Virgins), and 24 "Wuldan", thus maintaining the good old it takes 3 women to equal one man thing; isn't that a neat religion?

DaleinAtlanta said...

PS: I'll stay off that Atlas thread, and let that argument burn itself out.

As I said, I don't know Auster, and from what I've been reading up on him, I'm not interested in reading him, nor do I care what he has to say, actually.

Conservative Swede said...

Hi Dale!

Don't worry. I will be the one leaving you soon. I'm going to be "early" ha ha!

I saw the movie Pan's Labyrinth. Excellent movie, apart from being lefty about those evil "fascist". Even exactness and clocks were painted as deranged wickedness. Yeah well, that's the kind of thing you get when you watch movies nowadays. With a little sugar on top it goes down. I guess I will have to see Hellboy too (just need to stuck up on sugar first).

As I said, I don't know Auster, and from what I've been reading up on him, I'm not interested in reading him, nor do I care what he has to say, actually.

Hey, but that's a not a bad strategy at all. I'm sorry to bore you with Auster. It's just where I am right now in my writing.

Audrey E. Cody said...

I obviously am not as educated about Islam as you all are, but I am scared for America.
Thank you all for blogging away. All of this reading has been very infomative to me.
I write for a college paper. My column is called "Freedom Preferred".
If any of you have the time, please come visit my blog and leave comments. It will make me feel like I have some effect on the world around me.
Audrey E. Cody

Realm of the Creative... said...

Dude, please respect by not mocking my religion, at least. I understand you have your rights to say anything. Reading your blog I felt your hatred. A simple but not conclusive example is if you have a problem with your car, you go to a good mechanic, not attempting to understand/fix the car yourself. Once you said Islam is all about Muhammad, then there's the misunderstanding. You tackle the issue of sex, 72 virgins etc, thats a skillful points for a debate. But Im not here to debate, please, just take it easy on your blog.

Conservative Swede said...

Realm of the Creative,

It's sad but true, that most people are not even aware of what their religion really means.

Therefore I recommend you to read Ali Sina.

Also I recommend you to read the Koran and study the Hadiths.

I'm afraid I cannot mock your religion since it's mocking itself so blatantly. I have nothing to add, but can only repeat the words of Muhammad.

Anonymous said...

All the hatred comes from Mohammed and his violent cult of death. Kafirs just wish the Muslims would go back to Berzerkistan and leave us alone.

Muslims claim that Islam is a religion of peace and love but a statistical analysis of the teachings of the Koran display an Allah of hate, fear, terror.

While there are over 300 references in the Koran to Allah and fear, there are only 49 references to love. Of these love references, 39 are negative such as the 14 negative references to love of money, power, other gods and status.

Three verses command humanity to love Allah and 2 verses are about how Allah loves a believer. There are 25 verses about how Allah does not love kafirs (unbelievers)

This leaves 5 verses about love. Of these 5, 3 are about loving kin or a Muslim brother. One verse commands a Muslim to give for the love of Allah. This leaves only one quasi-universal verse about love: give what you love to charity and even this is contaminated by dualism since Muslim charity only goes to other Muslims. There are over 400 teachings of hate of all infidels: Jews, Christians, Idolaters and Kafirs.

So much for love. Hate and fear is what Allah demands (in the Koran).

Mohammed's death cult needs someone to hate and regular human sacrifices.

There have been THREE deadly jihad attacks EVERY SINGLE DAY since 9-11...nine years ago!!! That is a lot of hate. That's a lack of respect for kafirs!

Realm of the Creative... said...

hi, thanks for the reply that i dont expect a quick one! :)
ali sina? the faith freedom website? an ex-muslim who said Allah's draconian law. i tot u were referring to Abu Ali Sina..

I don't just read the Quran, but I try to understand it. The Hadith too. If i don't understand from one source, I try from another view. That's why we have Mazhabs, Imams etc who may be able to clear things up.

Simple example, ali sina (the one yr referring to) is like a demotivated worker in an office. he finds 'fault' everywhere. he quits his job and later spread news of that 'fault'. no matter what the explaination of why, he just find it as a negative aspect.
so what u guys know from this guy is that the horrible news of Islam.

Statiscally why there is much hate, fear and terror? Man, that’s a long conversation to explain. In simple terms, we are reminded who’s the Creator and what He wants us to do, exactly.

Love? Example if u love me, I will love u back. if u hate me, I’ll give u a chance. But if u hate me to your bones, do u deserve my love? If u ask for my forgiveness after being cruel to me, why not. Does that example make sense?

Jihad means to…oh man. Even I cant explain the true meaning. ‘True’ Muslims are blowing themselves up. Did Allah or the al-Qaeda promise if we terrorised the Kafirs we will be granted Paradise and all those virgins etc? Which actual verse? I knew which ones they were but did that meant to take out you too my friend?

Meh, since I found no reason and no verse to support terrorism, I guess I just continue reciting the Quran, studying more about Islam. And some gaming on my PS3.

peace :)

Conservative Swede said...

Realm of the Creative,

I enjoy your sweet talk. Smooth :-)

But you know as well as me that a Kafir cannot trust a Muslim.

Good luck with your life,