Saturday, June 02, 2007

Only the Americans could save Christianity

Today I got a longer comment to my Christian ethics—to be or not to be? post, from Dean McConnell, who's got his own blog where he among other things "champion a Christian theory of jurisprudence in the marketplace of ideas".

I ended my answer to him by writing:

If Christianity is going to be saved it's only the Americans who can do it. Only the Americans have the imperative to redefine Christianity into something that is strong enough to meet the future. But America is today deeply stuck in liberalism. With it's imperial position it's even the main source and guarantor of a world order of liberalism, multiculturalism and political correctness.

Let's see if the very sound revolt against Bush from conservatives about the immigration bill is the turning point. Everything has to start somewhere. But there's is a very very long way to go. And I'm afraid America has fallen in love too much with it's Wilsonian role.
I should add that President Bush is definitely among those suicidal liberal Christians, mentioned by Dean McConnell.

Why could only the Americans save the future of Christianity? To get a more thorough explanation for that, we'll need to look at how the history of Christianity evolved. This is a post I had already planned to write. It will come in the future.

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xlbrl said...

Swede, as many disparate people as I speak to in the United States, I receive no sense at all that Wilsonian visions of foreign policy have taken root.
Churchill claimed Americans would always do the right thing-- after they had tried everything else. This public was willing to try, and they have seen a great effort attempted. Yet nothing enrages or demoralizes them more than seeing an Iraqi girl stoned to death by her neighbors and relatives after she dated the wrong boy. The air goes whistling out of their hope faster than with a truck bomb at a pilgrimage or mutilated American soldiers.
When all possible respect evaporates, they will be ready once again for War By Other Means. That became unfashionable by the time of Jimmy Carter's era of Iran and Nicaraqua, and other Quisling experiments. I expect it will become quite fashionable again. There will be litle pity for the innocent, if we can't find any now.