Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some of my #1 rankings at Google

The most common Google searches taking people to my blog are of course conservative swede and conswede. And I'm hit #1 at Google for those.

But this week it was called to my attention that – interestingly enough – I'm #1 also for the following searches:

Other ways in which people came here was by searching for certain people. During the years these have been the main entry points; in descending order:
  1. jim kalb
  2. takuan seiyo
  3. traian ungureanu
  4. caroline flint cleavage
  5. tina hallgren bengtsson
  6. lars vilks
A bubbler name is Ferdinand Bardamu, which renders a #7 Google ranking to my blog. And furthermore, many people came here by searching for catholic birth rates.

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