Saturday, July 12, 2008

Geza answers Kristor about Austerian Separationism

So Kristor has answered Geza at VFR. And here comes a reply to that from Geza.

Auster's only contribution this time has been to twist the title--of what is otherwise an interesting general discussion--into an attack on Spencer. Of course, the title does not at all describe the content. So let my only contribution here be to say: How very characteristic of Auster.

Here's Geza's reply to Kristor:

By Geza:

Regarding the two paragraphs where Kristor discusses my comments, I think the "argument" between us is based on a misunderstanding.

On Separationism. I was critiquing the Austerian version of Separationism and Kristor endorsing it as a logical conclusion. I do not think it is a logical conclusion because Austerian Separationism does not go far enough and its primary focus is devising methods to remove the Muslim population from the West and keep them out. Auster states that he wants to have as little to do with Muslim countries as possible but he is still open to the possibility of military strikes whenever a Muslim dictator poses a threat. That is fine but Fitzgerald's version also focuses on reducing the political and economic power of the ummah as well. Auster's version of Separationism does not address this in any meaningful way. Fitzgerald also advocates promoting apostasy. Granted, Auster has flirted with this idea himself but it is not part of the major flank of Austerian Separationism much like it is with Fitzgerald's policy suggestions. I would like to add that I do not fully agree with all of Hugh Fitzgerald's proposals such as intervening in Darfur because it serves no purpose. I also do not agree with Fitzgerald in forming an alliance with the Arab Christians because I know that the majority of them are like James Zogby and not like Brigitte Gabriel. Auster's policy suggestions focus almost entirely on immigration reform whereas Fitzgerald's suggestions focus on immigration reform and so much more.

I was under the impression that Kristor fully endorsed Austerian Separationism without any qualifications based on that single sentence. As for the comment where Kristor was called a "Mongol general coolly prepared to wipe out millions of people" by Auster for his policy proposals, well... he was all over the place in that post and speaking mostly in hypotheticals. But I do remember that post, however I had forgotten that it was Kristor who wrote it. So yes, Kristor wants to go beyond Austerian Separationism. That's great, but it is not the point. The point is that is not what Auster wants, based on his articles. I think Conservative Swede is correct in arguing that Auster is not the standard bearer for anti-jihadist thought because he is mostly focused on ending Muslim immigration, not beating back Islam. Open borders and liberalism is the enemy of the West, not Islam. Auster has stated himself that we cannot hate Islam because it's in its nature to act the way it does but he sure hates liberalism. Anti-jihadism only happens to coincide with Auster's traditionalist ideology, mostly immigration restrictionism, and that is why he doesn't propose doing anything more than that. That is also why he calls any anti-jihadist who doesn't write an article on Why We Must Stop All Muslim Immigration Now! a Usual Suspect. For Auster, it's all about traditionalism, not anti-jihadism.

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