Tuesday, July 10, 2007


...and the living is easy.

My vacation has started, and I will travel some. So my frequency of posting will be low during July. But as soon as I find the proper time there is a whole range of topics in pipeline for me to write about: The history of Christianity and how the genie left the bottle. How to understand the concepts of left and right in politics. About our Roman heritage and how it was not broken until the nascence of the Wilsonian world order. The main issue of this century will be about our collective survival--how to define "us and them"? Must cults be destroyed? Is anecdotal conservatism at the core of all forms of Christian conservatism? Islam and Brazilian bikini wax--forbidden or prescribed? Can the national god of the Arabs be the creator of the world? Do transcendent entities fade away when we stop believing in them? (nations, gods)

And an article about the centrality of Nazism in our moral thinking. Our Christian ethics is based on the inversion of values. Evil is defined first. Since WWII evil equals Nazism. Thus ethics in the West has become all about reversing Nazism, and anything that in some context could be viewed as resembling Nazism. A negative idea as basis for morality becomes destructive, and our moral system and society is breaking down. It's time to let it go, and base our morality on positive ideas. It's time to ask ourselves, not "what is evil?" (we should never see ourselves as evil), but what is good for us? what are we fond of? what is egoistically best for ourselves? Start by enjoying this summer!

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