Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Horowitz / Mills / Auster affair

I'm a bad blogger. I have ignored my own blog for a whole week. I have been spending the time commenting at VFR. I guess it is as commenter James W said, also for me, that VFR is like a car wreck I cannot take my eyes off. It's mesmerizing.

I've been commenting on the affair started by David Mills, the Undercover Black Man, by making David Horowitz expel Lawrence Auster from Frontpage Magazine, based on the accusation that Auster is "racist". There are so many sides of this story and I have been discussing with Lawrence and making comments all week. Here are the places where I made longer comments:

First in the original thread by Auster, Horowitz expels me from FrontPage, where I made three comments, and all of them are found in the lower third of the page (scroll down). The first one about the steamrolling power of the racism accusation, that not even Horowitz manages to resist, even though it was not directed directly at him. And about how it was the same Undercover Black Man who also made Robert Spencer call Auster a racist. My second comment is a follow up to that discussion. The third comment is an investigation about whether David Mills, the Undercover Black Man, is really black or not. As a result of this Auster now calls him "Barely a Black". I wrote to Auster already April 21 about the James Walcott article:

Wolcott's title of his article is "Ebony Kicks Ivory's Ass", but where's the ebony? Undercover Black Man is white, isn't he? Look at the photo at his blog. Look at his style, attitude and taste, etc.
The photo I'm referring to is a picture he made of himself staring into a photo copier, dark and blurry. But nevertheless I smelled his true colours, as it were, already then. And I was right.

In the entry called Betrayal, I wrote about the importance of never to accepting the PC format, regardless of content.

Then came the shocker! That Horowitz had actually published the Auster article that allegedly was the basis for the "racist" accusation that made Horowitz expel him. At this point I said to Lawrence: "Oops! The plot thickens. You've got a full hand, and Horowitz looks utterly weak and confused. I almost feel sorry for him."

The following comments were written after this incriminating discovery:
  • First, my comparison between David Horowitz's surrender to PC and Pope Benedict's surrender to Islam following the Regensburg address last year.
  • And finally, about The twisted racial psychology of liberals. Where I expose David Mills own anti-black sentiments, based on his own words.
All good articles, that I should probably have spent the time to write for my own blog. But now instead you get a summary of all that I wrote on this topic. So that's good.

It seems that I'm better at writing when I'm in a dialog with someone, rather than just writing a post. But now I have more and more commenters of my own that I need to get into dialogs with.

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Steve said...

Your joke about Mills eating too many "freedom fries" had me laughing for days.