Monday, April 16, 2007

The power configuration of the Wilsonian West

Yesterday I sent a comment to View from the Right as well as to Gates of Vienna. Since it was well received in both places and generated interesting replies, it inspired me to open this blog. I somehow managed to get my whole overall view into that piece of text. But in a very condensed format, so there is reason to expound upon it, and hopefully it can lead to an interesting dialog. Here is the text I wrote:

It’s a Wilsonian delusion that political change happens through voting. Real political change never does. Real political power is not represented by a plurality of votes. It’s represented by having the greatest means to apply violence. It’s only when living under the protective wings of an empire—such as Europe has been living under the protective wings of Pax Americana the last 60 years—that peaceful political procedures make sense. The means to apply violence here represented by the mighty American army, providing the protective shield for the Europeans (however, and apple with a worm in it).
But it’s when this is seen clearly that we can also see why the system of modern democracy—a Wilsonian invention—can never allow real political change, but is only of ceremonial value. You will not be allowed to transgress the (over)ideology imposed by the guarantor of your protective shield. Or you will be given the “Serbian” treatment.

The point is not that the Europeans lack the will to fight. They are, just as the Americans, lulled into a false sense of security. Westerners truly think that we still dominate the world (including our own countries), and have an unmoved sense of invincibility. They generally think that we are steamrolling the rest of the world to adapt Western values, and that there is just some friction on the way.

Just look at Sweden. Sweden is often brought up as the worst Western country in many ways. I invite everyone to come here and visit. You’ll find the most idyllic place, where you’ll feel safe walking in the streets after dark, etc. Do you remember the VFR reader who wanted to escape California and said he “felt more at home in smaller towns in Sweden”. This picture is not at all untrue. It takes many decades for the destruction of a country to come in effect.

It’s only if you’re a thinker, or you had bad personal experiences, that you will already now see how the current incarnation of the West is terminally ill. It doesn’t show, not in the ordinary life of common people. We are past the point of no return, but it still doesn’t show. It’s like that George Washington quote, that in a democracy people have to feel it before they can see it. And it doesn’t feel quite yet.

But we are headed for the moment when the perception of the idyllic order will break apart in Europe, followed by the illusion of the imperial protective shield along with the system of modern democracy. This will be a truly revolutionary moment. The awakened Europeans will not only have the Muslims against them, in this fight, but their own political elites, leftist storm troopers, and a Wilsonian Uncle Sam. Bush II would have reacted just like Clinton, had there been another Serbia in Europe. And so will Giuliani or Hillary (let’s hope for Tom Tancredo in 2012).

It will start with street wars, then civil wars in one or two European countries—maybe in England and Holland, where we have already seen unrest caused by “white hooligans”. It will spread like wildfire over most of Western Europe. Next we will see extensive migrations within Europe. White people will flee to countries such as Poland, while the Muslims will escape to countries such as France. Mid 21st century, Europe will look like a chess board, now in a situation of more conventional warfare. We will see Europeans building city walls around their traditional cities, but for the first time in history to protect the country side from the cities.

Please keep up with your good efforts at VFR (and in similar places). I hope and pray there’s not another Wilsonian president in office when this get started.


Jimstone said...

I like to think with you on your blog. Since this was written before the "obama revolution" via voting, I wonder if you would explain the obama presidency phenomenon by saying that it happened via the brutality of unions and acorn, cloward-pliven, obama and his violent radical friends?

Anonymous said...

Jimstone, Obama would have won without Acorn. Leaving the jokes over why this winter was so cold - Americans saying that it will be a cold day in hell when a negro will become president - Obama's election is the crown jewel of the liberal narrative and whites being happy of having their country ruled by someone else is the desired outcome. Basically, this symbolises surrender, a surrender that has more steps and this is just another one and it all started from making blacks citizens, followed to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and 1965 Immigration Act. Any sane group wouldn't elect a member from outside their group to lead them. It's not the fault of any brutality or of ACORN, it's just a normal progression of the paradigm that is sovereign in the US of A.

If you refer to the policies that this man stands for, then it's not anything new. This is what the left in the US has stood for since the 1960s.