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Nazification Spells and Philosemitic Assurance: The EDL Case and Theory

The English Defence League (EDL) constantly has to defend itself against being smeared with the Nazi card. Their defence against a recent intense round of Nazification spells – written by their leader Tommy Robinson, posted at JihadWatch – sheds some insight of how one must do to protect oneself, as far as possible, from such charges. The remarkable thing with the text is that it is 100% about Israel and Jewish people. Actually not a single word about defending England against Islamization, or in any other way. So this is apparently the way to convince the world that the EDL is a valid and legitimate organization. When EDL has to defend its raison d’être in sharp mode, the text is 100% about Israel and Jewish people. I’m using that text here for my analysis, since it is the clearest case of a common phenomenon. One that we also see for example with Geert Wilders, and politicians of his kind, in how strongly he expresses his pro-Israel stance etc.

I have nothing against Wilder’s and EDL’s expressions of strong support for Israel and Jewish people. I express the same support, by supporting Israel’s right to exist, etc. But the amount of emphasis on this can be rather different. E.g. supporting the right of Israel to exist does not necessarily imply sending a lot of state money there, etc. And it is possible to support Israel without supporting it more than Russia and China, or your own country... I see quite some people on the Internet who display extremely strong allergic reactions to any kind of expression of support for Israel. From their point of view, apparently, they seem to have heard this too many times, ad nauseam and with too much emphasis. And for too many of them, it has bent them out of shape; eventually rendering them with an oversensitive allergic reaction to any expression of support for Israel.

However, I do not have such a problem. I can fully see the point of the rather extreme emphasis put on support for Israel and Jewish people expressed by e.g. EDL and Geert Wilders. They need it as a magic shield to protect them against evil spells. For strategic reasons it is impossible for them to work in any other way than how they do it today. So I support their strategy, but it is also interesting to observe and reflect upon the mental landscape that we reside in, that makes this strategy the only viable one today (actually we’d need to dig deeper into the core mythological narratives that drives us, to fully understand this). The following analysis came to me naturally after following the many aspects of the recent affair with the EDL, its Jewish Division, Charles Johnson and Geller/Spencer.

Maxim #1:
Any white right-wing group critical of MC/PC/Immigration/Islam must protect itself from Nazi charges by putting the support of Israel and the Jewish people among its top objectives.

- - - - - - - - -

Additional observations:

  • This is not at all necessary for leftist groups or groups of non-white races.
  • This is an incantation which creates a magic protective shield against hostile Nazification spells.
  • It is a very powerful incantation, but no magic shield is 100% bombproof. As in any magic, in the end it all depends on the relative magic powers of the combatants. So if the magic power of your adversary is great, he/she will break through your shield and cause you severe damage, nevertheless.
  • Therefore it becomes indispensable to take every possible precaution to strengthen the power of the incantation. The first and obvious way to do this is to repeat the incantation over and over. Especially if a hostile Nazification spell has just been cast against your group, you’ll need to do nothing else but repeating the incantation, until the storm is over.
  • It is essential that you do not put any other objective of your group higher than the support for Israel and the Jewish people – such as the interests of your own group or the struggle against Islam – because that is a sure way of rendering the protective shield too weak. To be on the safe side, make sure that the support for Israel and the Jewish people, at every time, is 50% or more of your stated objective.
  • Moreover, the incantation is probably useless if you do not have Jews within your group. The Jews within your group generate the magic energy without which your magic protective shield will not raise. If the Jews would leave you, the magic shield is bound to plummet like a failed soufflé.
  • Let us name this incantation the Philosemitic Assurance.

Corollary #1:
A non-Nazi white right-wing group (critical of MC/PC/Immigration/Islam) which hasn’t pledged allegiance to Israel and hasn’t Jews in their ranks, etc. – i.e. hasn’t incanted the Philosemitic Assurance – has zero magical protection against Nazification spells. This is the kind of group most easily defeated in magic combat.

  • The result of the Nazification spells is that the group will appear as Nazis to everyone, by the smearing of a Nazi aura upon them.
  • It doesn’t matter what their opinions are – specifically it does not matter at all how friendly they are towards Jews. Their failure to invoke Philosemitic Assurance incantations, together with the fact that they are white and right-wing, will render them Nazis in everybody’s eyes.
  • By disregarding the pivotal role of magic in this world, this becomes the most instable of all the positions. It is actually more radioactive then being an real Nazi, since the rate of radioactive decay here is the fastest of all. It is possible to uphold it by pure will-power for a limited time, but eventually the group will succumb to any of the two extreme points. It’s a sort of in-the-middle anomaly that our world of magic abhors.
  • Being an actual Nazi is of course the other way of protecting oneself against hostile Nazification spells. To cast such a spell on a Nazi type is of course as pointless as casting a spell to transform a frog into a frog. So being any form of Nazi (neo-Nazi, Nazi-wannabe, Nazi troll, Nazi-Clown, etc.) is the other form of protection against Nazification spells – if Philosemitic Assurance hasn’t been applied. However, for the groups described in this section there is no magic protection whatsoever.

Corollary #2:
To the degree that a non-Nazi white right-wing group (critical of MC/PC/Immigration/Islam) hasn’t been able to protect itself sufficiently using Philosemitic Assurance incantations, then by means of being successfully bombarded by Nazification spells (which makes them appear as Nazis to any onlooker) the group’s attraction on real Nazi types will increase proportionally with this; not seldom to overwhelming proportions.

  • By their respecting the reality of magic, the power of these invading Nazi types will be stronger than that of the group in question. Thus, if the protective shield is low, the Nazi types are likely to break through it. Thereby actually making the Nazification spell self-fulfilling. And herein lies one of the reasons why Nazification spells are so effective: by having this second-wave effect, which can continue even after the power of the actual spell has waded off. So there are two steps to a fully successful Nazification spell bombardment: 1) making them look like Nazis, and 2) making them gradually become Nazi types. The second step will either be due to invading Nazi types, or due to the recipient of the spell deciding to make use of a magic protection against Nazification spells. Which means either becoming a Nazi type (which makes the spell self-fulfilling and permanent) or by setting up an effective Philosemitic Assurance shield (which will make the caster of the spell equally satisfied).
  • A group without any Philosemitic Assurance (as in corollary #1) normally does not stand a chance in this. While a group applying it, even with all the sorts of precautions taken (as described under maxim #1), can still undergo a veritable storm of Nazification spells and formidable weakening of the protective shield – especially when the spells are cast by powerful magicians – and the Nazi types will immediately crowd around this group, feeling the smell of magic weakness, looking to parasitize on it. This symbiosis between the casters of the Nazification spells and the Nazi types is not surprising, since they gain their powers from the same branch of magic.

It is because of these rules of magic that we have this strong gravity, virtually irresistible, from two endpoints. As if we were in a dual system of two black holes – the Abe Foxman and the David Duke sides – where eventually people will be sucked into any of them, devouring their souls and everything becomes darkness. The people who haven’t yet been sucked into any of the two black holes are clinging to the bulwarks with white knuckles – so strong is the storm of the power of magic. It’s like in my other analogy, with the trench war of the WWI. Try to place yourself in the middle of the two lines of trenches, in the field. You will be introduced to the complete meaning of the word crossfire. Both sides will consider you an extremist, and fair game, simply for attempting to take a middle position of moderation.

I hate blogging. That’s why I haven’t been doing it much the last two years. But if you encourage me, I should continue this theme that I started here by:

  • Applying the theory described here to more real world examples
  • Describe more closely the varieties of Nazi types
  • Describe further how this makes any independently thinking person end up between a rock and a hard place (it’s hard not to be at any of the end points)
  • How I thought at times that I had seen some light regarding all this – but how I was wrong
  • And eventually, showing after all how there is reason for optimism in the longer run.

I have described here the rules of magic, in present time. Use them for your own protection, but use them wisely. Excessive use will screw your mind. Compare it to the use of a hard drug. The obvious advantage is that the application of magic will take you to any of the two endpoints, and you will be in a warm and cozy place in a circle of friends. And since the worst thing for a social ape, such as the human, is to end up alone, this becomes the preference of most people. But it screws your mind. So I’d like to warn against excessive use of magic. Use it, but use it in moderation.


Finally, I'd like to add how I have supported EDL from the very beginning as can be seen from these blog posts from two years ago:

Luton: Morality reemerging in the West
More videos from Luton
Quoting my first article:
"The police broke up a march on Monday 13/4/09 by British people wanting to reclaim their streets from Muslim fanatics. Officers said it was illegal to stage the protest in Luton where extremists were allowed only last month to shout abuse at troops home from Iraq.

This is the first time I can remember seeing Westerners act morally. All morality is ultimately rooted in moral outrage. Without socially manifested moral outrage there can only be nihilism. All the priestly preachers of the all-encompassing Enlightenment tsunami, and their priestly institutions, have during the last centuries, and especially during the last decades, worked eagerly to deprive the Westerners of all sense of morality, all sense of honour, and left us with nothing but their cynical, destructive and cruel nihilism; which is in the process of killing us as a civilization.

It's good to see the goodness and honour of these young men. It shows the natural sense of morality that after all exists under the surface among the Westerners. Something we haven't seen since the days of Enoch Powell. Something that has been utterly suppressed by the traitorous pharisees in our ruling classes"


Baron Bodissey said...

Ho! Nailed it yet again, Mr. Swede.

But will either kind of magic -- the Nazification spell or the Philosemitic Assurance -- help cure the Screaming Nazi Heeber-Jeebers?

That's the big question for me, and for all the dedicated folks at the Gates of Vienna Foundation. Curing SNHJ is an important part of our mission.

Conservative Swede said...

Hi Baron!

Yes I saw your article about SNHJ (schicklgruberitis). Very good one. I already thought of bringing it up in a coming post of mine. You see this post can be seen as part of a series. But as hinted already in this post, the SNHJ is just a special case of a more general phenomenon. I'll get back to this.

Regarding magic: since you have a blog at a or two magnitude bigger than mine, you have to respect the rules of magic. At least your wife is very good at doing so. Therefore I must say that you are brave to make these comments at my blog, since I'm a kind of a magic nihilist. Please notice that your comments here will make your magical protection weaker.

Regarding your question: no kind of magic leads of out of this mental maze. The purpose of all magic is to keep us inside the maze. Both you and me have white knuckles in trying to resist the gravity of this magic.

If you have read enough fantasy fiction, you will be familiar with the concept of a new age, when the old kind of magic fades away, and a new one emerges. That's the only kind of thing to hope for. There's nothing to hope for given the rules of magic of today.

Baron Bodissey said...

Actually, I was more thinking of the end of the "Urth of the New Sun" series by Gene Wolfe. I don't know if you're familiar with it, but at the end of the last book, the prophecies are fulfilled: to replace the dying sun, a new sun approaches the Urth and yanks it into its orbit.

The old civilization is destroyed by the massive gravitational effects, and only a remnant of humanity crawls out of the mega-tsunami wreckage to begin all over on the newly-formed land masses.

That's what I see happening to us. Everything will seem fine and normal right up to the last moment, and then tremendous unimaginable devastation, with the remnant emerging to start it all over.

Conservative Swede said...


Unfortunately I have not read that book. But I will consider it.

You will not be surprised if I bring up Ragnarök as my point of reference. This is when all the gods die (Odin, Thor, etc.), so it's an obvious point of time when the rules of magic changes.

Ragnarök is not an end, but a new beginning. With Liv and Livtrasir as the initiators of the new breed of humanity.

Baron Bodissey said...

Yes, I'm familiar with it.

Unfortunately, I will be one of the dead ones underneath the wreckage of the mega-tsunami. Only a few robust young people like you will make it.

Does Yggdrasil stop turning when Ragnarök arrives? If so, that makes the analogy even more like the Urth of the New Sun, because planetary rotation is briefly interrupted as the planet assumes its new orbit.

Conservative Swede said...

According to the Swedish version of Wikipedia "At Ragnarök, the Yggdrasil will tremble and groan but still remain standing."

More info and theories here.

RebelliousVanilla1 said...

Conservative Swede, see, blog posts like these were the reason I kept bothering you. While I knew the gist of what you written, seeing it written down by someone else pushes the borders of subconscious into the conscious. I had the same experience in terms of you criticizing universalism. Nice masthead. ;)

Baron, Julius Evola wrote something in regards to the end of civilizations. "When a cycle of civilization is reaching its end, it is difficult to achieve anything by resisting it and by directly opposing the forces in motion. The current is too strong: one would be overwhelmed. The essential thing is not to let oneself be impressed by the omnipotence and apparent triumph of the forces of the epoch. (...) It might be better to contribute to the fall of that which is already wavering and belongs to yesterday's world than to try to prop it up and prolong its existence artificially."

While I disagree on certain things with Evola, I believe he is 100% correct on this one. The current paradigm isn't just bad on having a debate on the Jews since if this was the case, its problems would be fairly irrelevant. The problem is that it denies any relevant conversation beyond Lady Gaga and Lil Wayne. I mentioned this in another comment on ConSwede's blog - be it the debate in between the de-growth environmentalists and the cornucopians or any other field that has impact on the substance of our lives, any rational debate is impossible to be had besides in small circles of people. Not to mention the need for policies that are reasonable and not based on utopic models.

The way I see it, the West is dead and even if it wasn't, I hardly see a point in keeping it alive. The rhetoric of democratic ideals, human rights, equality and all that just doesn't do it for me. A huge problem of our world is its complete destruction of the concepts of duty, honor and heroism. In such a world, the only reason one has to fight is for himself. So I doubt people will go die for some abstract concept of freedom. Only ideologues spin the wars into this. The Civil War had nothing to do with abolishing slavery and Americans didn't enlist to fight Nazi Germany because of their fondness of Jews. I'm fairly sure the latter enlisted for the glory of the United States of America. What's odd is that even if our concept of glory and heroism weren't dismantled, you can't have glory while you are forced to pay welfare benefits to the invaders of your country who are raping your women(which is the case in the Nordic nations). So inside this paradigm, winning is impossible because gathering the will to win is impossible. I'm not sure if you can convince a Swedish man to go die for the human rights of the people raping Swedish women on his dime and making him believe that he is doing a heroic deed.

RebelliousVanilla1 said...

Take the democracies and their ideals - we basically would have to fight a war in order to end war, be intolerant to promote tolerance. This requires men to fight at the same time that was as such is criticized - they must be heroes while pacifism is proclaimed as an ideal. Men have to become warriors when warrior is a synonym for criminal. Right now, a just war is just a large scale police operation and combat is just defending oneself as a last resort. So the West as it is must die because nobody will defend it. And it doesn't deserve to be defended because the modern West merely leeches on the achievements of the West that took place prior to our problems and on technical prowess, which has nothing to do with our philosophical/moral problems.

So what we must do isn't trying to preserve the West, but carrying the torch for those will rebuild the next great European civilization and who will perpetuate our peoples. What is odd is that even if we mustered up the will to fight, we would fight for the things that are destroying us, which makes fighting for anything even worse. What we need is to create a new paradigm that is worth fighting for and a lot of community organizing to make societies with members that are closer to each other. For me, fighting for my own dispossesion doesn't cut it.

Armance said...

it is the clearest case of a common phenomenon.

I think one aspect of the phenomenon you describe here is what I call "nationalism by proxy". Since taking pride in or feeling a sense of belonging to your ethnic heritage and traditions is verboten if your ethnic group happens to be white Christian European, people are compelled to find groups that are less demonized than their own for expressing what was once considered love for the fatherland. The natural inclination to feel good and secure as a part of your extended family is thus more or less subconsciously transferred and chanelled towards groups that are sheltered under the umbrella of PC/MC. It's like prison inmates or sailors who, being deprived of women for a long time, direct their affection and lust towards other men.

Placing Israel/the Jews above your own country/people is an example, but other examples are the chase for "Black conservatives" in the Tea Party to gain legitimacy or the praise of "Hispanic family values", a la G.W. Bush. Because if you mention the "WASP family values" you will be viewed as a bigoted, ignorant redneck, so you have to find a group that is more valued on the PC/MC scale. Anyway, "nationalism by proxy" is one of the sources for the "Israel, beacon of hope and light, the bastion of our civilization" stereotype that can be encountered among both American conservatives and European counterjihadists. Such amount of loyalty and glorification is, in normal times, reserved for your country, and that was exactly the language of European nationalists until a few decades ago. In the case of Israel, the glorification is aggravated by the special place Israel/the Jews occupy in the Christian narrative.

Armance said...

I have to add, regarding Israel, the Christian narrative and European nationalism, that the analogy between Jews and European nationalists was very popular in the XIXth century, when the first nation states appeared in Europe. For example, in Verdi's "Aida", the chorus of the slaves (Hebrews lamenting over their fate in Egyptian slavery and longing for their beloved Jerusalem) was conceived as an analogy with Italians' own desire for liberation from the Austrian/Hapsburg Empire, and that's how it was (emotionally) viewed by the Italians of that time. So, "the new Jerusalem" is not only an American meme, but it was intertwined with the birth of democratic nation states in Europe, too (this relates to a discussion on a previous entry of yours about the egalitarian, neo-Christian nature of the European nation states and Konkvistador's observation that "democratic" gives the same warm and fuzzy feelings today as "Christian" yesterday).

My comments are slightly off-topic, but I want to say that European Christians, when "democratised", secularised and deprived of their traditional backbone, will have only "the new Jerusalem" and "Israel, beacon of hope and light" to rely on, which means nationalism by proxy. So, besides SNHJ, that's one of the (self-inflicted) explanations of the Philosemitic Assurance.

Armance said...

Now, since for Christians deprived of their traditional or ethnic backbone the only thing to rely on is "the new Jerusalem" or "Israel, beacon of hope and light", what's left for the secularised Jews, once they leave the shtetl or the ghetto, give up their strict religious traditions and adhere to the principles of Haskalah, the Jewish Enlightenment? (

The documentary "Defamation" that I recommended gives the answer: the new creed, dogma and raison d'etre of the secular Jews, once they get out of the shtetl, is "fighting anti-Semitism". That's the new Yahve, the Law and the scriptures of the secular Jews, the same way for modern Christians it is democracy&freedom or Liberté, égalité, fraternité. All the fervor and mysticism that Orthodox Jews put in their religion can be found in the secular "fighting anti-Semitism" metamorphosis. "Defamation" is illuminating in this respect. "Fighting anti-Semitism" as the new Yahve explains a lot about the EDL affair and many others, too.

Armance said...

Sorry for my mistakes above, it was Verdi's "Nabucco" and the Babylonian slavery, not the Egyptian one, but I was in hurry and the point I wanted to emphasize remains :)

RebelliousVanilla1 said...

Since the Jews are on topic now, I read an article by Adam Garfinkle about why Americans are obsessed with the Jews and the Jews in general that I considered fairly good. I disagree with some parts, but it's a thesis I found in more places and I agree with part of it, so I think it would be an interesting read: here.

I think he doesn't go deep enough, doesn't analyze the role of Christian ethics and how we view the Jews through that prism and a myriad of other issues that were brought up either on this blog. What he does though is mention yet another narrative that prevents us from thinking rationally about the Jews. Or at least it prevents some people.

I will add something to what Adam wrote in the above article. Americans are also fascinated by 'oppressed' people because they are the descendants of the people who fled oppression in Europe - and this is why Americans also hate traditional Europe. The feelings of Wilson and other Americans can be understood through this lens, I think.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to curing the Screaming-Nazi-Heeber-Jeebers, I think it can be done indirectly. Leftist hegemony is protected by a linguistic barrier; keywords like "racist," "sexist," "privilege," and so forth form the main bulwark, while pre-Leftist words like "discrimination" and "hatred" have been co-opted by Leftist interests. We can break its grip by re-defining as many words as possible, and more importantly, insisting on these new definitions in everyday conversation. Suppose you insist that it's not "sexist" to think that there are neurological differences between the genders. If this was done on television, in the newspapers, or in a moderately large blog, the conservative interlocutor would be swamped and promptly Nazified. However: if you do this in everyday conversation, esp. one-on-one conversations, you will find that people change their minds much more easily. More to the point, they will begin using your definitions when speaking with other people, even if they never explain it, so the change spreads like a virus. This works because Leftists can only attack in swarms. A linguistic attack of this nature, executed against individuals, works like one of those ant traps containing poison food; the ants bring the chemical back to the colony, and the swarm slowly begins to break up.

Norse Wargamer said...

Why take a stance at all? Israel has nothing to do with Europe or Europeans. They are a middle eastern people, who speak a semitic language and have a semitic religion. They are semites. Otherwise they would have no claim on Israel. The surivival of the west does not mean the survival of Israel.