Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Guerrilla warfare

In his post The Criminalization of Peaceful Protest, Baron Bodissey describes the situation around the planned 9/11 demonstration in Brussels. Mayor Thielemans has made it clear that anyone who intends to participate is a criminal under Belgian and European law. Baron Bodissey continues to describe the situation:

Let’s not be babes in the woods about this. The deck is stacked against us.

I wrote yesterday about the autonomer in Denmark and their tougher cousins in Brussels. Assume that these anarchists of the “Antifascist Action” squads will be out in full force in Brussels. Assume also that the Belgian riot police will be primed to suppress the slightest hint of questionable behavior by the SIOE demonstrators, while turning a blind eye to anything that the AFA goons do in response.

Expect that agents provocateurs will be planted among us. The guy standing next to you with the “Say NO to Sharia” sign may be an AFA plant or even a police infiltrator. When he lobs a rock over your head into the police lines and then disappears, it will be you who get cracked in the skull by a police baton, with a free ride to the hoosegow to follow, courtesy of Belgium’s finest.

Any media coverage of the event will be artfully edited to place SIOE in the worst possible light. If a neo-Nazi skinhead finds his way into our ranks, you can guarantee that the footage of him will be looping over and over again that night on TV screens all over the world. The counterprotesters — with their all-inclusive peace ’n’ love Multicultural signs and tame imams uttering perfectly-phrased bromides into the microphones — will be featured in the best news spots and sound bites of the event, complete with subtitles in all the relevant languages.

We will be caught between a rock and a hard place, with the police on one side and the autonomer on the other. Both will be better-armed and meaner than we are. Both will have the iron fist of sympathetic media coverage multiplying their firepower.

The only possible advantages we will have will be the rightness of our cause, and superior numbers.

To this I answered in the comments section:
Yes, I think this is more or less how it would happen. And the best case scenario is the same, but without the neo-Nazi in our ranks, and without any cracked skulls. But the media coverage will be the very same any way, and the whole thing is likely to end up as a disappointment for our side and a victory for the PC elite, AFA and the Muslims.

This puts the finger on our greatest weakness: our honesty and willingness for dialog. It's been clear to me for quite some time back that this issue is not going to be resolved by dialog within a democratic framework. This is a situation of warfare and can only be handled as such. Democracy is already dead. We shouldn't ask permission for manifestations, and give the police, the AFA groups and the Muslims time to mobilize against us. I think it is better to do smart actions, Greenpeace style, where everyone is taken by surprise. I think we should think in terms of guerrilla warfare (propaganda style). And even if these groups (police, AFA, Muslims) are all the extended arms of the PC establishment octopus, it should be possible to manipulated them into fighting each other.

But maybe some honest anti-Jihadists need to get their skulls cracked first, before people will see it as the guerrilla warfare I think it will actually have to be. It comes with the package of Christian ethics. Just like we have to wait for some Islamic nukes to kill some hundreds of thousands of us, before we would do anything to put a decisive end to the Islamic empire.

Our advantages, that we could exploit, is having an underground network. Being able to act smartly, by knowing our enemies. E.g. Muslims are very easy to fight, because they are so dumb. I do not know if the story is true, but I heard about American troops going into a street in Iraq with loud speakers where a voice shouted in Arabic "you are all impotent and cowards, etc.". The "insurgents" came out of the houses in rage with rallying cries and could easily be shot down. This really works!

I'm sure that if we put our mind to it that we would be able to stage situations where the leftists, the Muslims and the police would be in street wars with each other. Since democracy is dead, and we are prey to naked brutal power, it would be good if that actually showed in the streets where we live.

Honesty and willingness for dialog are our strong sides when acting on the Internet. But when we want to take it beyond that and into the real world, it becomes weaknesses instead. In the real world our best shot is guerrilla warfare. Burning of Muhammad effigies and pouring pigs blood on mosques are small steps in this direction.

At least this is true for countries such as Belgium and Sweden. In Denmark and America honest dialog in the public arena is still possible.

Nevertheless, the Internet activists, the honest and truthful ones, are not the good fist-fighters. Looking at recent events in e.g Holland and England it seems that it's rather the generally despised hooligan types, who do not care if they get their skull cracked, that will stand up and take the street fights for our side.

I'm going to drop "conservative" as part of my nickname. One of the reasons is that the right-wing never can get anything done. We'll have to think as leftists if we are going to win this.

The best shot for the right-wing to get anything done is a military coup. But where's the military? For the countries in the most developed stages of this pathology, such as Belgium and Sweden, a military coup is no longer an option. There simply is no military around that could do it. The only country that is powerful enough do reverse the whole situation is America. But America can only act within the framework of Christian ethics. So what we can expect is the same as what we saw from the Crusaders: too little, too late and with no lasting effects. Maybe we should just wait for those Islamic nukes, and hope that the Americans will have the sense to retaliate with nukes in the proper strategic places.

It's funny how the people still use the Crusades as a symbol for Western strength. To me it's the most clear symbol of Western weakness vis-a-vis Islam, and shows why we must leave Christian mentality before we will be able to deal decisively with Islam.

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Baron Bodissey said...


I think (dread) that you may be right about the nukes.

Our advantage is that we do have the numbers. But whether those numbers can be roused short of the nukes is anybody's guess.

Anonymous said...

It's funny because I was talking to a friend about this and he had some activity related to this in the US. He calls the federal agends alphabet soup(DEA, FBI, CIA lol), which was a nice touch. Anyway, yes, we need to understand that the political democractic method is no longer an option. This might have been the case 20 years ago, but right now it is impossible. It's like those idiots that protest against healthcare in the US that Medcare, the post office, social security, cash for clunkers, war on poverty, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, department of energyu and whatever else are bankrupt, so why does the government want to take over healthcare? All these people say that in every government service that they shoved down the people's throat they failed and now the government expects the people to trust them with a government healthcare system. They don't get it though. None of these institutions failed. They work as they were intended to - to steal the money from some and destroy what America used to be. To quote Milton Friedman - thanks God for governmental waste.

Still, anyone who doesn't expect the things that Baron was talking about is a naive fool. They happen at each protest of which the consensus is against. So yes, if people are to do something about it, they need to understand that this can't be solved with simply protesting and voting. This is what people in my country thought in 1990 and we had massive protests for 6 months straight, day and night and they got beaten up, imprisoned without warrant, the thugs who beat them up didn't have charges pressed against them and so on. And they were enough of them to simply storm the government and lynch all the former communists who seized power. But they didn't get what you are describing.