Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Brussels a go go

I've been giving a far too negative impression about the 9/11 Brussels demo in my comments at Gates of Vienna. Okay, shortly after my first comment I wrote this:

I'm sorry that I wrote something that appeared so negative about this planned event. I think the planned 9/11 demonstration is a great idea and very important. Even though media will distort the whole thing (but we knew that all from the start, right?), the visibility of our kind of anti-Jihadism is a very important one, nevertheless. People have not seen such groups at all before. For those who are brave enough to go there, they will be doing something very important.

The negative tone of what I wrote is about the situation as a whole, not about the idea of this demonstration. But this also means that propaganda-wise this manifestation cannot make it worse, only better!

But after reading Stephen Gash's comment I woke up to the fact of how way out of line that I had actually been. Not so much in what I said, but in the context and timing of it. Anyway, I'm very glad to see how the things I wrote struck a chord with many people, and we should move along with such ideas, but everything has its proper time. And now it's all about the Brussels demo. In spite of what I have written, there's no way around this. This is a step that has to be taken before anything else could be done. We have to act as the good guys. We have to exhaust this way of acting before going to the next phase. The important thing is how we look in the eyes of ordinary people. Therefore: We have to ask permission for a demonstration. We have to invite to a good democratic dialog in the most honest and open kind of way. So yes, I would myself have planned this event exactly like SIOE, and I fully support their actions and plans after the denial of permission for the demo from the Mayor. I already wrote a long comment about this at Gates of Vienna 9 hours ago, but it all got washed away in the Google server crash. So here I'm writing it again. Since then Fjordman has weighted in on the issue. "Don’t Give in to Intimidation" he says. Exactly! I've been describing the general picture as a situation of warfare. But warfare is about psychology and propaganda even before it is about violence.

My mistake in all this has been that due to the fact of my recent identity crisis and general lamentation mode, when I read the Baron's post what resonated with my current emotions was the misery of the whole situation. I saw the thing I'm about to write about already then, but my emotions didn't drive me in that direction at the time, so I ignored it. The thing is, there's something very fishy about that email. The email quoted by the Baron by the end of his post. Let's have a look at it again:

I should warn you that the Mayor is setting a trap! He intends deploying large numbers of territorial riot police and using them to beat the crap out of us as an object lesson. This will be meant to serve as the first lesson of obedience and warning to all those that oppose the Islamisation of the EU. I just thought you would all like to know. The Russians and Nazi used similar tactics. He is priming the public to view us as criminals. Then he moves in the boot boys and they will hand out everything they can muster.

I have seen this all before!

I am thinking about whether it is sensible to go! I do not want my skull kicked in and then be put on trial on trumped up charges. It would only serve their cause and we have more important work to do than succumb to what is in effect entrapment. These are Belgian police not cuddly politically correct British coppers.

Be prepared for deliberate provocation and bullying on the slightest excuse.

This email is all veiled intimidation. How the Mayor is setting a trap. How the Belgian police is so much more brutal then anywhere else, and will specifically target SIOE people to beat the crap out of them. How the likely result of a trip to Brussels is a kicked-in skull.

"I have seen this all before!" writes the "European contact" of the British contact of Baron Bodissey (who is this guy?). But no, we have never seen anything like this before! Yes, the PC society is like a thick wet blanket, it's suffocating and it's virtually impossible to get through. The deck is stacked against us, sure. But whenever before have traps been set up against us? Why would the PC society even need to set up traps? All the components of the PC society naturally works against us anyway, as if guaranteed by an invisible hand. All parts: police, leftist street thugs, media, courts, etc. There's no need for them to conspire against us, and I never heard of them doing so. And I never heard of any demo incident leading to cracked skulls. Have anyone else? The situation in Brussels 9/11 is no different from other demos. We already know this kind of situation from our home countries. People know from working with BNP, Sverigedemokraterna, Vlaams Belang, etc. This is a very familiar situation, not the horror story of that email. PC Belgium is, after all, not Nazi Germany or Communist Russia. Yes, the democracy is brutalized, our right to open meetings is raped, there is intimidation, material destruction, ostracism and bruises. Tough stuff as it is. But whenever have we seen cracked skulls, traps and conspiracies?

And whenever did we have large numbers of territorial riot police deployed at us "to beat the crap out of us as an object lesson"? Never. This sounds like a victimization fantasy, just the way like the leftists describe Americas objectives in Iraq. The comparison is made with the Nazis and the Soviets, the emailer is painting the image of how we would meet the likes of Nazi troops (as he said the Belgian police is more brutal...). This is ridiculous. The Nazis and the Soviets put strength before goodness. The nature of Western civilization is to put goodness first. They will never act as Nazi police. When I describe things as a theater here in my blog I mean something very real with it. This theater is the first and most important way in which people experience things. Their first and highest level of reality (subjective of course). According to this theater the PC elite and the police are the good ones, and see themselves as such. So whatever they do, they will have to act within this framework. This is the simple reason why they will never act as Nazi troops aiming for beating the crap out of us to nullify us, crack our skulls, etc. The AFA people will act more or less as Soviets of course, but they are not the highest power. And the police are not in collusion with them, even though it might appear so at times (that invisible hand effect). The police will be aiming for hindering violence to happen.

This email is planted among us only to have an intimidating effect. To spread fear among us. This email completely animates superstition and junk, and we should not pay any attention to it at all. I'm very sorry that my first answer to the post of the Baron, ignored the effect of this email. I should have started in this end directly. Stephen Gash makes some very good points about it. Let's repeat his message:

This article has been the most damaging for the Brussels demo yet.

If you were trying to keep people from going to Brussels you couldn't have done a better job than this article.

Anonymous emails are worthless, they could have come from Thielemans's office itself.

Threats, like those described in the article here, are even more likely to come from people who want the demo to not happen as those who really support the demo, but are concerned about violence.

The article warns that we should be careful of police or other infiltrators trying to start violence to discredit the SIOE demo and get participants arrested, yet we are expected to believe what's written in emails!?

Get to Brussels. Fortune favours the brave.

We should be suspicious about infiltrators among our ranks during the demo, but emails like this one are swallowed hook, line and sinker!!?? That is crazy of course. The email paints a situation that strikes fear within us, but this is also its only purpose. Every single sentence in this email is coined to maximize this purpose, and to make people stay home from the demo. Warfare is not violence first, first it is psychology.

We know these kind of demos since before. It's the same kind as we had at home in our own countries. There are no traps set up by the highest office, there are no riot police with the instruction to beat the crap out of demonstrators. There are no cracked skulls.

Will power is number one. It is important that people do not back off from the Brussels demo now. Even if there can only be a symbolic non-protest protest, it is important to be there and to have been there in good numbers. Otherwise it's a major setback for our movement that might be hard to recover from, and any creative ideas for the future (some I which I wrote about myself, irresponsibly with improper timing I admit now) would most likely be useless then.

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