Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The clash of the cleavage

Lawrence Auster comments on Caroline Flint's cleavage:

In many cases [women] make it all too clear that they don't take their jobs seriously, and that their jobs are a vehicle for the expression of their vanity; or, as in Flint's case, for the display of their breasts. Can you imagine a male cabinet officer going around in a shirt open to his mid-chest? The presence of women such as Caroline Flint in high office is an unfunny, nihilistic joke, a symbol of a civilization that doesn't respect itself and doesn't want to survive.
Mary Jackson (the latest disciple of the Undercover Black Man conspiracy), polemicized against this:
So Flint went into politics to bare her Bristols? And never thought of Page Three of The Sun? My goodness. She must be topless. Let’s have a look, shall we?
No, let's have a look at Bernard-Henri Lévy instead:

Look at his face! This is a man who is dead serious. He walks around all day showing his nipples in public. He's a philosopher. You cannot get more serious than that. This is his no-bullshit pose with his unbuttoned shirt. He hasn't developed much of breasts yet. But with age and authority--and with increasing wisdom as philosopher--I'm sure he will have developed a proper cleavage, to match his pretty nipples; those nipples that the French intellectuals can never get enough of. He's one of the most popular topless acts in France and gets invited to many venues.

Mary Jackson continues to polemicize against Auster:
And if I were to get above myself and attempt to form an opinion, it would change along with my oestrogen-induced mood-swings. So naturally I must look to an intellectual – and a man – for my views.
Look up intellectual in a proper encyclopédie, and you will find a photo of Bernard-Henri Lévy. This is the kind of serious man that you would want to ask for guidance. Just don't get mesmerized by his nipples.

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rekordårsbarn said...

Here's "my take" on ze matter (with photo and all):

Political Monkey

geza1 said...

LOL! I nearly spit out my water while reading this post.

A more serious photo of BHL can be found here:

And his writing is just as serious:

"What does this experience tell us?" he writes about the Mall of America. "What do we learn about American civilization from this mausoleum of merchandise, this funeral accumulation of false goods and nondesires in this end-of-the-world setting? What is the effect on the Americans of today of this confined space, this aquarium, where only a semblance of life seems to subsist?"

Conservative Swede said...

Geza, this is where you see how BHL's flashing of his nipples is in fact a political statement. His way of resisting Americanization and its superficial consumerism. By openly showing of his "merchandise" he guarantees to his audience that there are no "false goods", only the real thingies.

Btw, the day BHL has developed a cleavage, I would suspect that he'd gone fake boobs. I think that day, I'd probably wouldn't be able to take him seriously as a philosopher anymore, even if he'd remain equally admired among the French intellectuals.

Mary Jackson said...

There's no fool like a French fool.

More on Bernard-Henri Levy here.

rekordårsbarn said...


Political Junkie

rekordårsbarn said...

P.S. A part of my comment disappeared. It originally read "a somewhat sluttish Hillary".

Conservative Swede said...

Hi Mary Jackson,

Welcome to my blog!

Anonymous said...

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