Sunday, April 29, 2007

The role of Christianity

I write when I find time and inspiration. And when I find inspiration I often write a lot. The week that went I didn't find the time. But a core theme of mine was brought up by two of my favorite discussion partners: the question of the role of Christianity behind liberalism, political correctness and all that.

First Fjordman posted the article A Christian Background for Political Correctness?, both at The Brussels Journal and at Gates of Vienna, referring to me as a source of inspiration for his post:

According to the blogger Conservative Swede, whom I have debated this issue with at some length, Christian ethics is more unfettered in modern liberalism than it is in Christianity itself.
At the same time there is a discussion going on at View from the Right, about liberalism and Christianity, launched by the question by Jeff from England to Lawrence Auster:
Have you addressed the point that Christianity may be inherently liberal, at least in part?
And the two discussions met here, where Lawrence Auster quotes above Fjordman article and discusses it.

I have discussed the role of Christianity behind modern liberalism, etc., with both Fjordman and Lawrence Auster since about a year, but the discussion never entered the cyberspace. But now it's out there, so next time I find time and inspiration I will give you my view about it. There is quite a lot to say.

Traditionalist conservatives focus their criticism on liberalism (modern liberalism including mainstream conservatives, neocons etc.), and do it well. I'm probably more reactionary than them (or more revolutionary?), since I will here, in this blog, put the focus on criticism of Christianity, democracy and American hegemony. These are things much harder to question since they go deeper into who we are and the society we are part of. But I see it as necessary. Liberalism should be criticized, but it is already done well, so I intend to put my focus on the three things I mentioned (which are also all connected to Wilsonian world order).

Give me some time to think about what end I should start from, and I'll be back.

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