Sunday, April 22, 2007

Democracy favours those who breed faster

As a comment to Fjordman's post at Gates of Vienna--posing the question of whether Islam is compatible with democracy--I wrote the following:

Democracy favours those who breed faster. So it's certainly a system that suits Islam well.

In a society with Muslim majority the people will vote for living in freedom under the law of Allah, and against the oppression of man-made laws.

But while Islam is compatible with, and greatly favoured by, the system of democracy, it's of course completely incompatible with European political traditions. But, as should be clear at this point, so is the modern democracy of the Wilsonian age.

Democracy is a system that resembles the traditional republic, but it's then a very extreme form of republic. We should remember that the main reason that we have democracy in Europe, is that if we tried to change it, socialists would be all over the streets burning and blowing up things. America has a different history, but this is also the background to why American troops are here in Europe, as a part of the Wilsonian world order, to protect the position of the European socialists.

The way people talk about democracy today is newspeak. The important and valuable properties of the traditional European republic has been transposed upon the concept of democracy, illustrated by the way modern people talk about "democratic values". But the vital foundations of traditional republic has since long been forgotten, and modern Westerners can no longer see it as an option. They are stuck in the child-language of the imposed newspeak, where there is only the choice between the extreme system of democracy, or illegitimate system of dictatorship.

If you lack the words to describe the real world around you, you will be unable to think. And this is where we are at this point of our civilization.


Fellow Peacekeeper said...

Case in point : Lebanon. When the French left the Maronite Christians were the majority.

Conservative Swede said...

A funny reference to Lebanon was when Putin--after Bush had criticized Russia for not being sufficiently democratic--said that he didn't want the kind of democracy that America was fostering in Iraq and Lebanon.

Captain USpace said...

Great points made, only 'secular' Islam is really compatible with Democracy. Anything else is just Dhimmocracy...

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