Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Is America the EU’s Enforcer?

Our discussion entered Paul Belien's site: The Crux of the Matter: Is America the EU’s Enforcer? He quotes Lawrence Auster's comment to my analysis:

A truly horrifying possibility is emerging from this discussion, and it is so awful I have been slow to take it in. As a preface, I have always been utterly aghast at the American elites’ support for the unification of Europe. Why did Americans support the elimination of historic states and nations in this unaccountable, post-national, post-human, air-conditioned nightmare of the EU? It seemed the ultimate betrayal. It was also horrible that there was never any debate in America about this. No major voices in U.S. politics have opposed European unification or even questioned American support for it.

But now a worse possibility – though it is only a possibility - appears on the horizon. It is that America is not merely the friend and cheerleader of the EU project, but its enforcer. Our troops and missiles and tanks are in Europe to prevent any uprising by European patriots and nationalists against the EU tyranny.

To this I answered (in a comment):

First of all, I think it is important to read Lawrence Auster's comment in its context, which is the longer discussion (follow the link!) which was initiated by me. The quote above is his humble reflection after digesting my analysis. It's not a newsflash.

Auster's concluding paragraph is omitted above:
"That's what Conservative Swede has been saying since the beginning of this discussion, but I'm only seeing it now. After all, I said that he is the elephant and I am the blind man."

He puts the focus on the "EU tyranny", as the blind man's description of the elephant, if I may say so. But the elephant is much bigger: it's the "Wilsonian world order". So, American troops and missiles and tanks are in Europe to prevent any uprising by European patriots and nationalists against the Wilsonian world order. A world order which, in Wilson's own words, means "an organized, common peace", instead of as before "a balance of power".

And the greatest threat to this has ever since been considered potent European powers. The quest to render European states impotent has gone through many stages, starting with the slaughtering of the Habsburg empire. The European Union is merely the last stage of this development.

In the EU referendum in Sweden in 1994, a favorite argument for the EU was that it had created peace in Europe. Such a laugh! We all know it's been the American troops stationed here that created the peace ..."an organized, common peace". A peace based on the idea that the European powers must stay put, that European nationalism is bad, will only lead to unnecessary wars and bloodshed, and that we should be friends and focus on trade etc., under the protective wings of America.

This idea is since long internalized among Europe’s ruling elites; the ruling classes of the old days are long gone. And it made things easy-going and comfortable for us for many decades. So there is no need for America to be directly responsible for imposing EU tyranny. Quite as the American troops obviously needn't be directly involved in stifling uprising from European patriots and nationalists. The Eurocrats do it so well themselves. But the American troops here are the ultimate guarantor of this order, this “organized, common peace”. This is what becomes clear to us when unwinding the historical layers, as we have just done now.


J.K. Baltzersen said...

Dear fellow Scandinavian,

Welcome with your new blog. I have commented on your blog launch here.

Conservative Swede said...

Thank you.

I see you are also inspired by Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn. And he was not too fond of Jackson either. As you've said, it all started with the French Revolution. But it was Wilson who overthrew the old order.

Unfortunately I have not been blogging too much. I have been too busy commenting this at View from the right (VFR), Gate of Vienna and the Brussels Journal. And yesterday I've been commenting all kinds of things at VFR.

J.K. Baltzersen said...

Please find the followup here.