Sunday, May 13, 2007

The shadow theater of paradoxes - a preview

HERE follows a yet another letter I sent to Lawrence Auster (that was not published). Once again I suddenly managed to condense quite a lot of my thoughts in one shorter text. This time tying together the shadow theater of paradoxes of anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, and anti-Christian secularism. The text can be seen as a preview of what is to come in this blog.

It started with Fjordman sending the following quote to Lawrence Auster, by Al-Zawahiri encouraging minorities around the world to join the holy war:

"Al-Qaida is not merely for the benefit of Muslims," he said. "That's why I want blacks in America, people of color, American Indians, Hispanics, and all the weak and oppressed in North and South America, in Africa and Asia, and all over the world."
Auster commented:
Zawahiri's remark raises an intriguing question. The anti-Semitic white right doesn't like to oppose Islam, because Islam is the enemy of the Jews. Will Zawahiri's call for jihad against whites stir the far-whites from their anti-Semitic stupor?
To this I answered:

Of course they won't (and I know you're not holding your breath either). After reading Nietzsche I saw that anti-Semitism must be understood as the Oedipus complex of the Western/Christian civilization. I doesn't take five minutes talking to an anti-Semite or neo-Nazi to realize that they are completely leftist in their posture: Israel is a racist state, and evil because they are powerful against the weak (the Arabs), yada yada. But furthermore, the most interesting observation about anti-Semites/neo-Nazis is how completely Jewish (using Nietzschean "psycho-analysis" terminology) they are.

I understand that this proposition is utterly baffling to most people. I intend to write more about it in my blog, to make a convincing argument, and introducing people to this new perspective. There are many parallels. How the European anti-Americanism is indeed Americanism gone berserk. There is no questioning of the fundaments of the American universalist creeds in anti-Americanism. The criticism is all based on America not living up to its own ideals. Same with fiercely anti-Christian secularist. Everything they say emanate of sanctimonious (Christian) goodness. Their hate is directed towards all elements of Christianity that keeps the inverted values of Christian ethics in check and balance. Funny how they do not believe in heaven, since their behaviour does not make sense for a non-lunatic unless he believes that he will be rewarded in heaven. They are indeed competing to get before the Christians in line to heaven.

Christianity being the bottle, Christian ethics the genie having been let out of the bottle, and the anti-Christian secularist the one trying to smash the bottle against a rock. Likewise, now that American (Wilsonian) universalist creeds have been successfully spread and internalized in the West, the people Americanized in this way are trying to smash America against a rock. However different in nature, I think there is even a parallel to some degree in how the Roman empire fell. The fall of Rome could be attributed to a large degree to the immense success of the Romans to spread the Roman way of life to virtually all corners of the empire, in a way that rendered the city of Rome, and thereby its political structures and fundament, insignificant. Some sort of bottle/genie there too, in other words.

More about anti-Semites and their cultural Oedipus complex another time.


VFR reader Roger gave the following answer to Auster's comment:

No it won't. Such anti-Semitism does not have intellectual origins and cannot be dismissed for intellectual or pragmatic reasons. It arises out of severe personality psychopathology characterized by projective mechanisms resulting in a paranoid delusional system. This becomes the primary force in such people's whole motivational system and takes on an obsessive quality. No real threat such as those posed today to the West can compete with the imaginary threat of the Jews.
It's all true. Unfortunately, it's not uniquely true for anti-Semitism.


togo said...

You should attempt a correspondence with Kevin MacDonald on this issue. Wherever he stands ideologically he almost certainly isn't a neo-nazi.

Conservative Swede said...

"He almost certainly isn't a neo-nazi." That's a funny way of recommending someone. It's like: I have a babysitter I recommend you, he almost certainly isn't a pedophile. :-)

Anyway, Kevin MacDonald is into Jewish conspiracy theories, like a broken record. He'd be interesting for me as an object of study, rather than for correspondence.

He's far more intelligent and interesting than anti-Semites in general, but isn't he one too?