Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Intellectual subtlety"

I was just told over at Gates of Vienna "But teaching some intellectual subtlety is impossible, once we get an impatient student" -- the impatient students being me and Felicie. The intellectual subtlety, which came from Czechmade, was a two-step accusation against me and Felicie: i) you are racists, and ii) therefore you are like Muslims.

Gates of Vienna is an excellent place for the most essential discussions. But nevertheless there are quite a number of hopelessly liberal people -- deeply invested in all sorts of liberal myths, while clueless about our dire situation -- commenting there. In fact, many of the most talkative and frequent commenters at GoV are.

This is not the first time Czechmade got the PC rash. In fact, he's rather easy to trigger. Felicie and I were discussing the situation in Russia, and as part of that we discussed the relation (in numbers and otherwise) between white people (with whom we identify) and other ethnic minorities. This triggered a comment by Czechmade where he said to us "Your concept appears to be rather islamic - if you read this:" referring to an article with the title Hautfarbenrassismus – ein Import aus dem Islam (Skin-colour racism – an import from Islam). I.e. "our concept" being "skin-colour racism" (that's the first accusation) according to Czechmade, and by implication (and by the power of the provided link, as imagined by Czechmade) me and Felicie are acting in an Islamic way (that's the second accusation). So much for subtlety.

Once again we see someone identifying as a right-winger -- who is only animated by fighting leftists, collectivism etc. -- not being part of the solution to the problem, not even being aware of the problem, but being exactly part of the problem. In fact, among the so-called right-wingers we find the worst cases of universalist dreaming. If Marxism had been our biggest problem, then George Soros would have been our greatest friend, having been such a staunch anti-Marxist for decades. But it isn't. Our biggest problem is this right-wing universalist dreaming (all based in French Revolution ideals), which by being more accepted than opposed by the left, therefore beomes all-encopmassing in our societity's value system.

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Anonymous said...
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Conservative Swede said...

Dear Mr-having-created-five-identities-in-less-than-two-years- -and-just-reverted-back-to-his-third-one,

Your comment was flimsy, emotional and off-topic. Comments that do not add to the discussion are deleted.

Hednamissionen said...

For your eyes only (I guess),

since you don't forward an email address, I have to send another comment, which undoubtedly won't be published (but I really don't care).

Anyway, I'm gonna transform or
metamorphosize into yet another identity!

Or not really, I'm tired of it (and it's more than a mere five identities; you should only know!)

Anyways, I think the most of you "bro"/frère,

Cordially yours,

Jean Moulin

Vive la resistence!

Anonymous said...

Loving the argument here, and I could not agree more!

The very problem erupted in England recently, and it was the very reason Lionheart boycotted the protest. If we can't conform to some common law then we are doomed to anarchy and civil unrest.

The far-rightists are as bad as the far-leftists. The unfortunate issue is that these two groups are the most vocal and provocative, while we who are happy with democracy – right here in the middle – unfortunately don't speak out so much. This being strange as we are the biggest majority by far.

One thing I have noticed – however – it that this majority, my circle at least, are beginning to awake from their slumber, and becoming more outspoken.

Will this continue to grow before it is too late? Or is it already too late for Sweden?

The Germanic Hellenist said...

The evidence of my senses tells me that just as two individuals are not created equal, neither are two groups of individuals of differing origin created equal. This evident truth was well known to our Western forebears, however the discourse of the West has been so thoroughly Marxized that it is absolutely heresy to declare an opinion contrary to the egalitarian paradigm, no matter where you exist on the ideological spectrum. Certainly our elites and opinion making class desire there to be a range of acceptable opinion, and that which is without it must not even be addressed except in passing and with ad hominem jabs and an air of condescension. We truly are at a dire impasse and I cannot see a way around it.