Friday, July 10, 2009

Will New York commemorate Sept. 11 as an Islamic celebration day?

Will New York commemorate Sept. 11 as an Islamic celebration day? Well, the New York City Council just passed a resolution which leads to this, pressed by CAIR. All but one voted in favour of it.

Stupidity meets dhimmitude in a way that makes the UK and Sweden look almost sane. The UK used to have the world record in perverted and deranged self-degradation, but this reaches truly coprophilic levels:

NYC forced to honor Islam on Sept. 11?

Can you imagine what NYC will look like next year while celebrating Sept. 11 as an Islamic holiday?

I congratulate the New Yorkers since I'm sure it will make them feel like the exemplary specimens of patented goodness, and cleanse them of their distressful guilt feelings for having provoked 911 and their sin of evil thoughts about the ones who actually did it. Such a perfect gesture in tribute of multiculturalism!

Hat tip: Every Kinda People

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PRCalDude said...

I can see the same thing happening in Los Angeles, where there is mindset amongst the elite here. That Russian's essay over at GoV could not be more true.

I can see New York in flames already.

Hednamissionen said...

I'll be darned. Nice to see you hat tipping EKP, where I used to hang out as "Jean Moulin".

Way to go, Conswede!

Conservative Swede said...


Thanks for your comments, you old shapeshifter :-)

Hednamissionen said...

Well, old is certainly right (alas), and "shapeshifter"/"cameleon" I certainly am, thanks to my "paranoia".

How many blogs I've deleted so far, I really don't know.

I think the most of you, though, despite our differences.

Guess it has something to do with our common sense of humor.

And the time you commented on EKP re. my You Tube clip with "The Birth of a Nation".

That sort of sealed the deal.

Conservative Swede said...

Nice :-)

J said...

What is the limit of selfdegradation? Is there one?