Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ongoing discussions

There are several ongoing discussions under my recent posts. Insightful people are commenting and interesting topics are being discussed at length. This is why you don't see new blog posts from me right now.

Here me and Geza are discussing whether Gert Wilders will turn out as a Kerensky or not. It's my turn to reply. (Update: I have now answered Geza).

Here me and El Ingles are discussing whether Europe is under US occupation or not. It's El Ingles' turn to reply. There are also several other commenters involved, most notably a very interesting comment by Islam O'Phobe.

Here Rolf Krake gives another take on how to match The Lord of the Rings to our present time. There are so many ways to interpret this. Krake's version is a very good one. I especially like the idea of small bloggers like us being the hobbits. But I'll stick to my version with George Soros as Saruman, Obama as the Ring, and Mecca as Mordor. I should add that Muhammad is Sauron.

Here is an aggressive Quisling-wannabe who is threatening to report me and Jean-Baptiste to the Norwegian secret police, based on his delusional fantasies. It's like a Monty Python sketch.

And the discussion under the post Anthropologist out in the fields is still ongoing.

To follow the ideas of this blog it is as important to follow the comments as it is the articles. I write as much there, and at length.

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