Wednesday, August 06, 2008

"Geometric logic"

They were all out to get him, but he proved them all wrong by geometric logic:

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awake said...

Excellent reference CS. This is representative of Auster, to the core.

Jean Moulin said...

I had a good laugh of course, since it wasn't at my expense.

I still think Auster is a great man doing a great job.

Especially by pointing out the fact that a good many people who are seemingly on the good side of the fight, err when it comes to immigration restricitionism.

I’ve for instance long wondered why Theodore Dalrymple preferred a South African situation, with police containing rioters (about future France),
and yet not uttering a word on the need for putting an end to third world immigration.

Thanks to Auster I know. Dalrymple was reluctant to come out against immigration because he’s a descendant of Jewish refugees.

Auster has gone after Melanie Phillips and Mark Steyn and SIOE as well, because of their silence on the issue of immigration restrictionism.

Shouldn’t he be commended for that?

I’m reading “Human Smoke” and there is a lot of negative stuff about Churchill in it, but also about how Churchill could inspire people. Maybe that’s the most important thing when it comes to political leadership: inspiring.

Maybe Auster, in spite of his many faults, should be seen in that light too.

Conservative Swede said...

First of all, this post is not about Auster. Saying so is just a smearing attack on me. But I can prove with geometric logic that it's not about Auster.

Secondly, to Jean. I have pointed out many a times the merits of Auster, and you know it. Just because I'm critical of other sides of him does not invalidate my commending of his good sides, as you seem to think. It's strange indeed how you try to shoehorn a contradiction into this. And how you seem to think that by the power of your glued-on contradiction, that things that are real and happened aren't real and never happened

Furthermore, in my view the main merit of Auster has not been in pointing out that Theodore Dalrymple, Melanie Phillips and Mark Steyn are Jewish (and personally I think Steyn is gay rather than Jewish).

Auster indeed had the potential of becoming an intellectual leader, but he screwed it completely. His good and bad sides do not add up well, since he misses the big picture. His good achievements are in the past. He's wrecking virtually every personal relation with what should have been his allies. What remains of his site is its function to serve as a therapy session for people who are overly bitter and lonely. And considering his potential, this is an outstanding failure.

Anonymous said...

And then there was the Strawberry Incident. . .

Jean Moulin said...

Well, if it ain't Auster, who could be the target?

I rule out myself on grounds of political insignificance, but. . . well, is CS being self-ironic?

Anyway, thnx for the clip. I'm an old movie buff. Can't get enough of this stuff.

USorThem said...


Auster and his crew had great fun at my expense this week making fun of my posts which tried to express the frustration of admiring his good works, while pointing out the harm he does by being needlessly derisive to potential allies.

Despite all the ridicule, he fails to address the main assertions against him.

Recall that I said he called other good persons cowardly, dishonest hypocrites. He replied by saying those claims were "dispicable lies" yet. I then sent and email to him and posted at GoV with direct links to his own words where he smears a number of anti-jihadists.

He refuses to address my claim about the extent to which he smears and alienates others.

His followers urge him to continue being harsh and derisive to critics with whom he disagrees. They just call it "Auster being Auster".

No amount of writing about Auster will change him. It is he that will continue to be marginalized and ostracized by the leading writers and thinkers among anti-jihadists.

Jean Moulin said...

It would be nice if you updated a little more frequently.

And wrote something entirely unrelated to Auster, for a change. :)

But perhaps you are too busy over at Gates of Vienna?

xlbrl said...

Not Auster, eh?
The perfect is the enemy of the good.
Where correction does much, encouragement does more. The fire that enlightens is the same fire that consumes.
(Hoffer, Goethe)

Anonymous said...

Dear CS,

I've quit Every Kinda People (though I'm still on friendly terms emailwise with the remaining bloggers) on account of the Georgia Crisis.

I now operate a nonconformist blog named "Pitbull without lipstick",
and it would be nice if you intermittently would comment on it.


The Blogger formely known as Jean Moulin

Anonymous said...

I write today about why government, the main culprit for the financial crisis,
can't be trusted when it claims
we have to have more immigration because of labour shortage.

Pitbull utan läppstift

Conservative Swede said...

Hi ex-Jean, ex-XXX,

Nice to hear from you. So you had a "Ukrainian" crisis over at Every Kind of People? Is it you who is Tymoshenko then? (however I prefer her with lipstick).

Anonymous said...

1) Yes, and it made me feel very important, like Trotsky to Stalin (Knute and Berit being. . . well, the Politburo.)

Now I live in exile longing for Mother Russia. But it was a very wise decision to set up business on my own. Hope I will spared that icepick in the head, though.

2) Re. hot looking Tymoshenko.

I'm not much into cross-dressing, but I understand what you mean.
Yes, I'm like her, if you will.