Friday, July 11, 2008

Geza: Does this man have no idea of how rude he is?

Lawrence Auster has answered to the criticism of his obsessive attacks on Spencer. Here's Geza's comment to that:

By Geza:

Auster is becoming a parody of himself. It seems that he has decided to flail around wildly attacking anyone who dares criticize his attacks on Spencer. It really makes me wonder how this man acts in public. What does he do when he loses an argument in real life? Pamela becomes an idiot, you are a madman, and Fjordman who was both defending Auster and criticizing his ridiculous behaviour is lumped in with both of you "crazies". Every single time he supposedly analyzes a pundit whom he disagrees with, he always has to dredge up the personal drama with said pundit and how nobody has criticized that pundit for the ad hominems directed against poor Larry Auster. He has done this to everybody, simply because they don't tow his narrow traditionalist line. Some of his targets are smart about it like Steve Sailer who doesn't respond to his personal attacks and John Derbyshire who simply laughs it off. And he wonders why only his most devoted followers stick around. Does this man have no idea of how rude he is? I also find it ironic how he is shocked that you just wished he would disappear from the scene. This coming from the man that demanded that the National Review fire John Derbyshire because he is an atheist.

I am thinking of writing an answer too. But after a first reading I'm lost since there is no substance in the article. So where should I start? And it's amazing since there are lies and distortions in every second sentence, even about small peripheral things. Is he such a compulsory manipulator that he just cannot stick to the simple truth?

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